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The Best (And Worst) Goal Celebrations Of World Cup 2018

Shea Robinson
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15.65K   //    09 Jul 2018, 14:27 IST

Goal celebrations at the World Cup are often shared, remembered, and talked about more than the goals themselves. There have been countless iconic World Cup celebrations, from Bebeto’s cradle against the Netherlands in 2004, used to celebrate the birth of his son, to South Africa’s Macarena in 2010, showcasing the dancing abilities of the host nation. Maradonna's wild-eyed celebration for Argentina against Greece in 1994 will always remain an iconic Wolrd Cup moment, while Brian Laudrup's 'no big deal' celebration for Denmark against Brazil in 1998 is replayed before every tournament. These moments become etched in history and play an important role in how the tournament is remembered.

This World Cup has been no exception with players more aware than ever about how they celebrate a goal due to the exposure of every World Cup moment across social media. Players have become more and more creative with their celebrations, with many routines now synonymous with particular players. In fact, many of the World Cup players who are active across social media openly share their practice and preparation for a routine when they score a goal. Some, such as Jessie Lingard, have even trademarked their celebration!

This tournament has already witnessed some of the most memorable goal celebrations. With only a single 0-0 draw so far in the tournament, and all 32 teams scoring at least one goal, there has been plenty of opportunities to show off creative goal celebrations. However, sometimes players or teams don't get it right and we have also witnessed some of the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy celebrations in recent memory over the past three weeks.

Here are the best and worst goal celebrations of World Cup 2018 so far.

Antoine Griezmann's 'Take The L' Fortnite Dance

France v Argentina: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Antoine Griezmann celebrates his goal against Argentina with 'Take The L' dance

The hugely popular video game, Fortnite, has influenced numerous goal celebrations throughout this World Cup. When Antoine Griezmann cooly slotted home a penalty for the opening goal in France's knockout game against Argentina, the French superstar immediately threw up an 'L' sign to his forehead and began jigging back on forth between his two legs.

While anyone who doesn't play the co-op sandbox video game was left scratching their heads, Fortnite fans enjoyed Griezmann's reference to the 'Take The L' dance, performed as a trolling move in the game after you have killed another player. See the dance below.

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