Best Football players in the world: Top 10 players this season

Eden Hazard is one of the world
Eden Hazard is one of the world's best dribblers of the ball

It is always interesting to discuss who are the best players in the world, and although everyone has a different idea of who deserves to be in the top ten, it is still a fun exercise to share each other's personal choices regarding the matter.

Between the 2015/16 season to the 2017/18 season, the list of top ten players in the world would've been dominated by Real Madrid players. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric, Ramos, Kroos, and Marcelo all arguably being within the top 10, during this 3 season period.

However, since the departure of Ronaldo and Zidane (until recently), this hasn't been the case at all, and with the swift demise of Real Madrid's dominance, the balance of powers have equalised again.

Nevertheless, just because Real Madrid's dominance has diminished this season, in other teams and leagues there have been players who have lit up the 2018/19 season.

We have been treated to an exciting season this year across Europe's top 5 leagues, from Ronaldo's hat trick against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League to the thrilling title race in the Premier League.

Although the season isn't quite finished yet, it is in its final stage, and over the last several months we have seen some quality football from a whole pool of footballers, as well as the next generation carrying on their push toward the pinnacle of world football.

These things have raised a lot of questions: Are Messi and Ronaldo still the top 2? Is the Premier League the strongest league once again? When will the next generation stars truly take over the top of world football?

This article will look at the 10 players who are arguably the best in the world and discuss why each player deserves their place on this list.

There will obviously be some players in this list who will come as no surprise, but there are others, who just last season, would not have made the list and now do.

10. Eden Hazard

Strangely, the most difficult choice for this list was deciding who should go in 10th place, however, Eden Hazard makes the cut.

Although Chelsea have struggled to find the form that won them the title a couple of seasons ago, the root causes of that are deeper than any one player.

2018/19 will be a forgettable season for Chelsea, but for Hazard, it'll be a memorable one with the Belgian having performed excellently this season, even with the backdrop of drama.

With 16 goals and 11 assists to his name, Hazard has shown why he is hotly desired by Real Madrid for next season.

A disappointing season for the Belgian's club, yes, however, his talent and influence on the game remains undeniable.

Sergio Aguero has been one of the best players in the Premier League this season
Sergio Aguero has been one of the best players in the Premier League this season

9. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero's talent is undeniable and has been one of the top ten best players in the Premier League over the last decade.

Despite being such a phenomenal talent, consistent injury has always diminished Aguero's chances of reaching seasonal numbers near that of other top forwards like Suarez, Kane, and Lewandowski.

However, this season Aguero has once again shown why he is one of the best strikers in the world having netted 18 goals and 5 assist in the Premier league in 26 appearances and also an impressive 5 goals in as many games in the Champions League.

Amazingly Aguero has only ever won the Premier League Golden Boot once in his career, but this is, as aforementioned, largely due to injuries, this season however the Argentine could add to this tally.

8. Alisson Becker

Alisson has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world
Alisson has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world

During the better part of the last decade, there was only one candidate for the world's best goalkeeper, and that was Manuel Neuer.

The German and Bayern legend redefined the role sweeper keeper and arguably re-popularised goalkeeping again, in an age where football has become so attacking-centric.

However, due to injury and perhaps age, Manuel Neuer hasn't been the goalkeeper he once was, and despite showing why he is one of the best goalkeepers ever, in terms of form he has been overtaken this year.

This season, to the surprise of some, however, Liverpool's goalkeeper Alisson Becker has been arguably the best goalkeeper in the world putting him at no. 6 in the list of top 10 football players in the wor.

The stats don't lie and with 32 games having been played in the Premier League, 17 of those matches have ended in clean sheets for the goalkeeper.

Although the praise nowadays is largely, and perhaps unfairly, directed almost exclusively to attacking players, Alisson has been as important for Liverpool as any of their players.

7. Virgil Van Dijk

Van Dijk is the most expensive defender in football history.
Van Dijk is the most expensive defender in football history.

Like Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dijk joined Liverpool during the 2017-18 season which saw them reach the Champions League final.

Even more impressively the Dutch defender joined the Merseyside club in the January transfer for a world record fee (for a defender) of £75 million.

What's also impressive is how well and seamlessly Van Dijk has fit into the Liverpool side, not only establishing himself in the squad but also as arguably the best centre back in the Premier League.

From the start of the 2017/18 season and all the way to February of this year, remarkably, Van Dijk had not been dribbled past by any player in both the League and in the Champions League!

Furthermore, as stated with Alisson Becker, Liverpool have earned 17 clean sheets in the 31 matches they've played in the league.

Whilst this is a statistic usually implemented to praise and criticise a goalkeeper, it can also be used, in this instance, as evidence as to how solid Van Dijk has been for his club.

Typically over the last few years, Sergio Ramos has been the standout defender in world football, however, that can't be said of him this season.

As aforementioned, Van Dijk is the best defender in the Premier League, and maybe even the world as of right now.

6. Luis Suarez

Suarez has rediscovered his form.
Suarez has rediscovered his form.

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial footballers in the world, but also one of the most brilliant.

Since his Liverpool days Luis Suarez has been one of the best players in the world, with his 2015/16 season in particular being his best.

Since that season though, the Uruguayan striker has struggled to reach those heights again, having fallen short in the last two seasons.

Nevertheless, in the league at least Suarez has rediscovered a lot of that form and sits as second top goal scorer in the league, behind team mate Lionel Messi.

He may be getting on a bit, and he may not be as good as he was a few seasons ago, he is still arguably one of the best pure strikers in the world today.

And therefore deserves a place on this list, and like with Mohamed Salah, if Suarez manages to light up the Champions League and help Barcelona win the title, then perhaps he deserves to be raised.

For now however, 7th place is what he will have to settle for.

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