Top 20 Goalkeepers on FIFA 19

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Agnibesh Bandyopadhyay

The most anticipated sports game of the year is just a week away from release. The official launch of the game is on 28th September. If you have pre-ordered it on Origin Premier, you can even get a special 10-hour early access starting today. But with the early access launch also came the launch of the FIFA 19 Web App.

The Web App provides players access to the Ultimate Team game mode before the game launches. This allows them to trade players and create a playable squad so they can start playing as soon as the game launches. With the Web App, EA Sports also releases the entire player database for the game which shows the ratings, statistics and every detail of every player in the game.

So, with that information in our hands, let us take a look at the 20 best Goalkeepers in FIFA 19:

#20 Lukas Hradecky (Bayer Leverkusen)


Finnish International Lukas Hradecky kicks off our list. The keeper was signed by Bayer Leverkusen on a free transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt this summer. He won the Bundesliga Goalkeeper of the season last season while playing for his former club. The 28-year-old is known for his amazing shot stopping abilities which helped him win the DFB Pokal cup in his last season with Frankfurt.

EA has awarded Hradecky justly for his amazing performances. His rating was bumped up by 1 from FIFA 18. The Finish international boasts an amazing 88 reflexes and 85 diving. These statistics enable him to save almost any shot that is close to his body. The 79 handling, however, means he will deflect a lot of balls which might give your opponents easy rebounds.

#19 Bernd Leno (Arsenal)


Arsenal's new signing Bernd Leno comes next. Leno was the man whom Bayer Leverkusen replaced by signing Lukas Hradecky. The German international joined Arsenal for £22.5 million this summer. He has been considered one of the best young keepers in the world but is yet to show his full potential. Regular game time with Arsenal might just bring out the best in him.

The 26-year-old has received a decrease in rating from last year. He was an 85 in FIFA 18 which has been decreased to 84 in FIFA 19. However, he is still a well-rounded player in the game. With modest diving and positioning it will be hard to score long rangers and finesse shots against him. But the underwhelming reflexes and handling mean he is likely to concede a lot from within the box.

#18 Stephane Ruffier (AS Saint-Etienne)

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Stephane Ruffier plays for French outfit Saint-Etienne. The mid-table French club has had the player's services for over 7 years now. The 31-year-old has played over 300 games for the club even winning the French League Cup once. The French international recently signed a new contract and is likely continue to appear in the game for years to come.

Ruffier's 85 positioning coupled with his Traditional save technique will allow him to stop most long shots and finesse shots. He has a decent handling which will allow him to hold on to most saves. But his diving and reflexes may be a problem. He will concede most shots from inside the box as a result.

#17 Wojciech Szczesny (Juventus)

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The first of two Juventus goalkeepers on the list, Szczesny has received his highest ever FIFA rating this year. The former Arsenal man joined Juventus in the summer of 2017 after two seasons on loan at AS Roma. He has since then struggled to make it to the Juventus first team. But with the departure of Gianluigi Buffon to PSG, he has finally found the game time he needed, although he has some decent competition to which we will come later.

Towering at 6 feet and 5 inches tall, Sczesny is an imposing figure to have between the sticks. He has amazing reflexes and diving, 87 and 85 respectively. He will save most shots from short to medium distance. A low handling means he will spill a lot of the shots giving easy rebound opportunities. His positioning also leaves him vulnerable to finesse shots.

#16 Neto (Valencia CF)

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A former Juventus man, Neto joined Valencia last year for €7 million. He has been the first choice keeper for Valencia ever since. Neto has struggled internationally despite receiving his first full cap earlier this month. He has been in every FIFA since FIFA 10 and has even got his highest ever rating this year.

Neto was hit with a +4 upgrade as he went from 80 in FIFA 18 to 84 in FIFA 19. He has a well-rounded card. 86 Diving and 84 handling will allow him to save and hold on to most shots near his body. But a woeful 78 positioning means he will concede from most well-placed finesse shots.

#15 Mattia Perin (Juventus)


Juventus' second representative on this list, Mattia Perin is one of FIFA players' favourite keepers. Perin was signed by Juventus from Genoa this summer for €12 million plus €3 million in bonuses. He was signed after Gianluigi Buffon left for PSG and although he might not be as good a replacement he surely isn't bad.

Perin kept his 84 rating from FIFA 18. As you can see, the best thing about his card is his incredible 90 reflexes. This is a visual treat for eyes as he literally flies all over the place saving shots. An 85 handling means he holds on to most shots as well. The diving and positioning deficit is bad, but the reflexes more than make up for it.

#14 Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City)


Kasper Schmeichel isn't even the highest rated Schmeichel in the game. His father Peter Schmeichel has 3 Icon cards in the Ultimate Team mode. All 3 are rated higher than Kasper. Still, Kasper is one of the highest rated keepers in the normal game. The 31-year-old is one of Premier League's highest-rated shotstoppers.

Schmeichel has incredible reflexes at 88. This will enable him to make some amazing saves as well. Unlike Perin, his handling is poor so most of his saves will be parried back into open play. Decent diving will help him save all shots close to his body as well. A poor positioning will, however, hamper his abilities.

#13 Sergio Asenjo (Villarreal CF)

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Sergio Asenjo has been Villarreal's first choice goalkeeper since 2014. After a one-year loan spell, he was bought by Villarreal from Atletico Madrid. Asenjo has been performing very well for Villarreal on a regular basis and the only thing keeping him from becoming world class are his dodgy knees. Hopefully, he will have an uninterrupted season this time around.

Asenjo was upgraded to 84 back in FIFA 17 and he has retained the rating ever since. This year he has a balanced card with decent Diving, Reflexes and Handling. He will save almost every kind of shot unless it's placed perfectly. Finesse shots, however, will be hard for him due to a very low positioning.

#12 Anthony Lopes (Olympique Lyonnais)

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Olympique Lyonnais keeper Anthony Lopes is the next man on the list. Out of all the 84 rated keepers, Lopes has the highest total In-Game Stats, thus his placing above all the other 84 rated keepers. One of the only goalkeepers with a 'One Club Player' trait, Lopes has been with Lyon his entire career.

Lopes' strengths are in his Reflexes and Diving. Both are incredibly high at 87 and 86 respectively. This will enable him to save shots close to his body from a short range while saving almost any shot from a long range. His handling is poor thus he will spill most of the balls and his positioning leaves him susceptible to finesse shots.

#11 Alisson Becker (Liverpool)


Liverpool's latest signing, Alisson is the only 85 rated Goalkeeper in FIFA 19. He was signed from AS Roma for £66.8 million making him the 2nd costliest goalkeeper of all time beating his Brazilian compatriot Ederson's record. Considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world Alisson will always be a nice addition to any squad.

Alisson has amazing reflexes with 88. But his other stats aren't that high. But they are decent enough and not one single stat is too low. That makes him a really good keeper as coupled with the high reflex, decent amounts of diving and positioning will allow him to save shots from all angles and distances. He has a great Kicking attribute as well which will be fun while taking goal-kicks.

#10 Ederson Morales (Manchester City)


We kick off our top 10 with Man City's Ederson. At the time of his signing from Benfica, Ederson was the costliest goalkeeper of all time as Man City paid £35 million for him. He has been Pep Guardiola's first choice since then and has justified his spot on the line up with strong performances throughout his Man City tenure.

Ederson has received his career highest rating this year with 86. He got upgraded from 84 in FIFA 18. His amazing reflexes and diving allow him to save almost every long ranger. However a poor positioning will hamper his finesse shot saving abilities. He has a 90 kicking which means he will be great at distributing the ball. No wonder Guardiola likes him.

#9 Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)


Costa Rican International and 3-time Champions League winner Keylor Navas comes next on our list. The Real Madrid star is one of the best keepers in the world today. He has won several goalkeeping accolades over the past years thanks to his contribution to the Real Madrid team that has won 3 UCL trophies in a row.

Navas received his breakthrough after the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As a result, his initial rating of 72 was bumped up to 81 in FIFA 14. He has increased every FIFA since then and his 87 in FIFA 19 is his highest till date.

He has the 3rd highest diving and reflexes in the game with 90 each. He will save a majority of all shots that are hit towards him. His low positioning and handling mean he will concede from finesse shots and not be able to hold on to the ball.

#8 Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan)


Former Slovenian international Samir Handanovic has been a staple of Inter Milan for over 6 years. He has been named Serie A goalkeeper of the year twice and has been considered one of the best to play in the league. Surprisingly he isn't the only Slovenian on this list. With Handanovic's inclusion, we go into the 'Elite' section of the Goalkeepers in FIFA 19.

Handanovic has an amazing card. With 87 Diving, 89 Reflexes and 89 Positioning Handanovic will rarely concede from an average shot. On top of these three monstrous stats, he also has a 86 handling to top it off. The speed stat which I haven't talked about much won't hamper his saving ability as it applies mostly to goalkeeper outings.

#7 Gianluigi Buffon (Paris Saint-Germain)

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Gianluigi Buffon is the oldest player on this list. At 40 years old, Buffon transferred to PSG this summer for one last run. One of the most celebrated goalkeepers of all time, Buffon has won every trophy imaginable to a player except the elusive UEFA Champions League. He has been one of the best keepers in every FIFA and FIFA 19 is no different.

He was downgraded from 89 to 88 for FIFA 19 which is quite understandable but that doesn't change the fact that he is one of the best keepers in the game. 88 Diving, 87 Handling and 90 Positioning basically make finesse shots useless against him. He won't let go of any balls as well. His only weakness is the 83 reflexes which will make him concede from shots within the box.

#6 Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)

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Hugo Lloris is one of the best keepers in the world today. The Spurs keeper just won the World Cup, captaining France to the trophy. He was signed by Spurs from Lyon in 2012 and has been a regular starter ever since. One of the greatest French keepers in history, Lloris has always been one of the highest rated keepers in FIFA.

Lloris has the second highest Reflexes in the game. With 92, he can save almost every single shot close to his body. The 88 diving coupled with 84 Handling and 83 Positioning will also make him strong against long-range shots. He is overall one of the best keepers in the game to have.

#5 Marc Andre Ter-Stegen (FC Barcelona)


The Barcelona man kicks off our top 5. The 26-year-old is one of the best younger keepers in the world today. He has been in FIFA since FIFA 11 and has grown remarkably since. His performances have proved he deserves every bit of the upgrade he got over the years. With an even brighter future up ahead he should get even more upgrades in the years to come.

With his highest rating of all time, Ter Stegen is one of the best keepers of this game. With 90 Reflexes, 87 Diving, 85 Handling and 85 Positioning, Ter Stegen has it all. He can save long rangers, finesse shots, shots from within the box and anything else that can be thrown at him. An 88 Kicking also gives him great distribution skills, no wonder he's perfect for Barca.

#4 Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)

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Real Madrid's newest Galactico is at no. 4 on our list. The Belgian recently won the Golden Glove at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Courtois joined Real Madrid from Chelsea for an undisclosed amount. He is one of the most accomplished goalkeepers in the world at a young age of 26. Greater things are sure to come.

The first 90 rated keeper on the list, Courtois boasts incredible stats. With 91 Handling, 88 Reflexes, 87 Diving and 87 Positioning, Courtois is amazing against all kinds of shots. A 74 Kicking also allows him to be somewhat of an average distributor. His imposing 6 feet 6 inches height is also a great addition to his stats.

#3 Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid)

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The second Slovenian goalkeeper within the top 10, Jan Oblak takes the 3rd spot. The Atletico Madrid star has been the most improved goalkeeper on this list. His ratings, as well as his performance on the pitch, has improved drastically over the last few years. His stats also show just how good he has become.

Oblak boasts the highest handling in the game. His 92 handling is the best in the game. It makes him hold on to most shots he saves. 89 reflexes also ensure he will be quick to reach any shot. An 88 Positioning and 86 Diving also enables him to save most finesse and long-range shots as well. A 78 kicking makes him a fine distributor too. His card is one everyone would want to have on their team.

#2 Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)


The German superstar is perhaps one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Manuel Neuer has revolutionized goalkeeping in the modern day. He so deserves his status as one of the best keepers in the game. The 32-year-old had little to no game time last season but still managed to post one of the highest ratings in the game.

Neuer has the highest Diving and Kicking in the game with 91 each. He also has 88 Reflexes, Handling and Positioning. This makes him the best goalkeeper in the game except for one particular person. He can save almost any shot in the game. To beat him one has to hit particularly excellent shots. So forget about scoring if you are using a mid-table team against Neuer.

#1 David de Gea (Manchester United)

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Perhaps the best goalkeeper in the world right now, David de Gea is the number 1 keeper in FIFA 19. Amazing between the posts in all respects, de Gea deserves to be at this spot. He has been responsible for several of Manchester United's wins over the last 2 seasons and he thoroughly merits his high rating.

The Spanish no. 1 has the highest reflexes in FIFA 19 with 94. His other stats include 90 Diving, 85 Handling, 87 Kicking and 88 Positioning. De Gea will save almost every shot possible. If it is a long ranger, finesse or from within the box, de Gea will save every shot possible. Only the best of shots can beat this Spanish man and he is the best goalkeeper in the game, hands down.

Edited by Debjyoti Samanta


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