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Top 5 celebration styles made iconic by iconic sportsmen

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Modified 20 Mar 2019, 14:54 IST

Ever since history has been recorded, victory and success have seen individuals, teams, and fans innovating newer styles of celebrating. Some celebration styles have been deemed ridiculous, while some are deemed worthy due to the magnitude of the game. Some have been just one-timers, while some styles have been made iconic by equally iconic sportsmen.

This picture easily shows how iconic and important have celebration styles have become in today’s sports world.

Mo Farah and Usain Bolt celebrate

My top 5 iconic celebration styles (with their iconic players) are:

(5) Fist Pump [Tiger Woods, Golf]

Tiger Woods has transformed the world of golf in an unprecedented manner. No athlete has done the same to his sport. Tiger Woods has inspired many to learn the game by his effortless mastery of it. The fist pump, a celebratory gesture in which a fist is raised before the torso, and subsequently drawn down and nearer to the body in a repeated, vigorous and swift manner, perhaps is the simplest way of celebrating a moment of achievement, but it has been trademarked by Tiger Woods, after sinking long, unbelievable and seducing putts.

(4) “Ssshhhh!” [Thierry Henry, Football]

Thierry Henry has a style which is definitely not unique. But credit goes to Henry to have made it iconic. With his fore-fingers on his lips, he runs all around the ground, looking at the crowd, especially when playing away matches. This iconic “ssshhhh!” after every goal has got him famous as one of the most celebrated football victory styles, and #4 on my list.


(3) Trophy Bite [Rafael Nadal, Tennis]

Known for aggressiveness, exuberance and endurance on the field, the man motivates and keeps himself going with his powerful “fist pump” and  frequent bellow. Nadal’s famous “bite” trophy pose after winning a tournament, like having a taste of success, has widely gained popularity. Biting the trophy was done in  olden days to check coins for authenticity. Rafa has without fail bitten every single award he has won. This #3 on our list move seemed to be gaining popularity as medal winners in other sports at the Beijing Olympics were seen following suit.

(2) “Lightning Bolt” [Usain Bolt, Athletics]

With both knees slightly bent and facing towards left direction, and left hand bent slightly up pointing to left with right hand following in acknowledgement, the symbolic “Bolt Pose” has been popularized by Usain Bolt following his every major success. By sporting this pose, along with his masterpiece waving style before he runs, the great entertainer Bolt has made  a league of his own, and successfully landed onto #2 on our list. As for his success in his field of play is concerned, being a double sprint winner in 2 consecutive Olympic says it all!

(1) “Thank you, God!” [Sachin Tendulkar, Cricket]

Sachin Tendulkar is the most comprehensive batsman of all times in the game of cricket, and may be the greatest symbol of the game. He is always cool and diligent on the field. Tendulkar, because of his consistency and longevity,  has reached unbelievable heights, like the Australian great Sir Don Bradman, and will probably never be conquered. Inspiration for millions in the world, he thanks the heavens facing towards the sky with the helmet and bat in his hands, stretched outward as if hugging the heaven, every time he scores big. This has become very popular in the game of cricket, and is followed by most batsmen in the world, thus making it the #1 in my list.

Some others that missed out closely:

* Mobot [Mo Farah, Athletics]

One of the latest celebration styles, a gesture in a league of its own, is this unique “Mobot” by Mo Farah (Olympic double long distance running champ). This bizarre movement, resembling a dance pose, in which Farah arches his arms and points to the top of his head to make an ‘M’ shape – was swiftly copied by delighted fans in sitting rooms all over the world. It became so iconic after the Olympic Games 2012 that Farah now sports the “Mobot” after every win of his.

* “Keep Blessing me, Lord!” [Andy Murray, Tennis]

Andrew “Andy” Murray, a Scottish professional tennis player, ranked World No. 3 and the British No. 1, is the first British player since 1977, and the first British man since 1936, to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. Murray was born with a bipartite patella, where the kneecap remains as two separate bones instead of fusing together. This did not stop him from reaching the pinnacle of the game. The racquet on the court, or kissing the ground or waving to the crowd or throwing t-shirt and balls towards the crowd is very common on tennis court. Andy Murray is distinguished by his signature celebration - both hands and face up with fore-fingers pointing to the heavens as a gesture of thanks giving for the success.

* Gangnam Style [Chris Gayle, Cricket]

One of the hardest hitters of the cricket ball in modern era, Christopher Henry Gayle is a maverick player and a great entertainer. At his best, he is a devastating assassin. He has been the best bet for West Indies for a rollicking start. Dancing has been gaining popularity as a celebration in cricket, but this time Chris Gayle has taken it to the hilt by celebrating with his teammates widely with some energetic ‘Gangnam Style’ dancing after their commendable victory over Sri Lanka in the T20 World Cup. ‘Gangnam Style’ is South Korea’s biggest musical export, and is number 2 both on the US and British music charts.

Published 12 Oct 2012, 11:08 IST
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