Top 5 football Youtube channels

Youtube has some amazing channels that can be your ideal destination for football news and information

You can never have too much information about football. That said, there’s always such a flurry of activity in our favourite sport that it can become quite impossible to keep up. There are matches to keep track of, social media posts to monitor and then there is the fascinating transfer window that never fails to keep us on our toes.

Rumours of James Rodriguez’s move to the Premier League have been rampant, but then, which club is he actually headed to? Chelsea or Manchester United?

If you find yourself struggling to keep track of news like this, or just want to be that guy or girl in the room, who has the best scoop on the latest in football, you must check out these Youtube channels. Yes, you may already have your go-to news source for all things football, like Sportskeeda, but there’s nothing quite as easy as just watching a video.

And it’s not all news. Most of these channels have some great compilations, features and discussions that are sure to make you the most clued-in fan.

Here’s a quick look at the 5 best football Youtube channels:

#5 We Speak Football

We Speak Football is a great destination for football videos

We kick off the list with ’We speak football’. If it is just videos you’re interested in, with no one rambling on about numbers and statistics, this is the channel for you. While the channel doesn’t provide any kind of news or opinion about football in general or any specific club for that matter, it has a great repository of some of the best moments from any given year. Started in May 2011, WSF has 763,363 subscribers and 258,619,872 views.

Based out of United Kingdom, the person behind this channel uploads some great football compilations. If you’re looking for the best goals, tricks, free-kicks and saves from the pitch, this is the best place to find them. The videos go far beyond that perfunctory description of course. Edited with a background score of generic electronic music, their videos provide some great content that is accurate and highly informative.

Most of WSF’s videos are an average length of 5 minutes making them ideal for quick watching. The channel isn’t about predictable lists either. There are some great uploads like, “Top 30 counter attack goals in football’, ‘Top 10 golden goals’, ‘Top 10 humiliating goals’ etc. You can even catch highlights for high-profile matches on WSF.


#4 The Football Republic

‘The Football Republic’s’ best show is ‘Every Football Fan in 90 Seconds’

Number four on our list of best Youtube football channels is ‘The Football Republic’ which combines some great original content mixed in with a lot of funnies. Still a very young channel, TFR was launched in June 2015 and already has 294,777 subscribers and 62,009,336 views. What sets this UK channel apart is its unique take on the football world.

They have some great categories, or as they term it, ‘shows’ that provide a funny perspective on the sport and its fans. The best feature of TFR is their series called ‘Every Football Fan in 90 seconds’ which is hilarious and spot-on. Lloyd Griffith, the host, goes through the expected reactions of every Premier League club fan after each gameweek and he’s almost always right with humorous results.


They have some other good shows as well, like ‘Top 10’ where they review everything from stupid on-field mistakes to the most ridiculous transfer bids, ‘The Rumour Rater’ where the most popular transfer rumours are dissected and analysed.

What’s even better is their series called ‘A Game of Two Halves’ where they invite other Youtube channel hosts to discuss issues and topics pertinent to the sport. Check out ArsenalFanTV’s Robbie and Stephen Howson from Full Time Devils talk it out as they decide who the most over-rated manager is at present.



The best show to catch on KICK is ‘Soccer Stories’

KICK’s Youtube ‘About’ section claims, “We don’t care if it’s Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Portland vs. Seattle, or your two local teams – they all have a place here at KICK.” On further inspection of the channel, you realise they are not too far off from their claims of universal appeal. Started back in October 2005, KICK has a huge following in the online community. They currently have 1,119,068 subscribers and 215,780,683 views.


The channel has made a name for itself in the past 10 years providing some of the best football-related content online. With over 3000 videos and counting, you’re sure to find something that will pique your interest.

Not only do they make some great ‘lists’, they devote most of their content to more in-depth work. If you happen to check them out on YouTube, head straight to the series entitled ‘KICK Power Rankings’ which are video features on the best players at any given time.


They also have a series of videos called ‘Soccer Stories’ and an exclusive section entirely about football in the American continents. There’s a variety of other content that is all directed at providing more information to the viewer instead of just providing commentary and critique on the sport.

#2 Copa90

Catch Copa90’s show ‘FIFA & Chill’ where you can watch your favourite stars try their hand at some virtual football

With a mission to giving football back to the fans, Copa90 is second on our list of YouTube channels. Launched as recently as 2012, Copa90 has amassed a considerable following online. After just four years of activity, the channel has 1,266,642 subscribers and 192,763,415 views. With a host of shows to recommend them to any football fanatic, they have quite the hold on the internet community.


In fact, their popularity was so significant that KICK bought them out in 2015. After all the variety of their content is a little off the beaten track. With series such as ‘Feature Documentaries’, ‘FIFA & Chill’, ‘Copa90 Explains’, etc. it’s not hard to understand the kind of following they attract. Not only do they give you a great picture of current events but have great content about the lighter side of the spot, like their ‘FIFA & Chill’ video with Aaron Ramsey and Joe Ledley.


Also, check out their exclusive interviews with the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Gareth Bale, Sergio Aguero and Luis Figo where Poet and Vuj are as delightful as ever. Their special interest stories are worth watching too.

#1 Football Daily

Head to Football Daily for the most for their vast range of football content

The top football Youtube channel has to be Football Daily coming out of the UK. Online since March 2011, it may not have as many subscribers as Copa90 and KICK but it definitely trumps them in terms of originality.

Of all the channels on this list, FD provides a well-balanced mix of news, lists, features and other special interest material. Not only do they have a very successful Youtube following, they have their own website which not only features videos but some pretty good articles too.

With 976,257 subscribers and 375,513,093 views, FD has done really well for itself. They even have a second channel now called Euro Football Daily that only focuses on European football. If you want to know why FD is number one just check out the plethora of information they provide. Apart from their news section called ‘Viral Footy News’, they have other shows called ‘Top 10’ and ‘Special XIs’.

But what sets the channel apart is their videos on the most pertinent questions facing the football world in the series ‘Football Face-Off’. Here, the hosts have tackled questions about whether the Premier League is indeed the best or who the most under-rated players are.

They have a host of other shows too like ‘Sunday Vibes’ where you can find discussions about the best youth system, who can be Messi and Ronaldo’s successor and if Juventus destroyed league football in Italy.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of course. Head to the channel now to discover lots more content that can make you the football-know-it-all you always wanted to be.