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Top 5 instances where Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper

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Ronaldo isn't afraid to show his passion on the pitch

Cristiano Ronaldo can be defined using many words. Brilliant, world-class, lethal, deadly... some call him arrogant, some others claim that he is impulsive. But there is something undeniable, Cristiano Ronaldo has temper-control issues.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of instances when the Portuguese superstar absolutely let himself go off the handle and inflict his wrath on something or someone. While he might be a highly decorated player, some of his antics make people dislike him.

However, what needs to be understood is that, at times, he is justified to show anger because of the situation. Anyhow, here is a list of 5 times Cristiano Ronaldo showed his rage.

#5 Nani robs wondergoal

Scoring a goal is perhaps the hardest things to do on a football pitch. For some teams, it might be easy, but it is actually due to the quality of players playing in such teams rather than the act of scoring a goal being easy.

The amount of moves and passes that are needed to be made in order to score a goal is a complex thing in itself. So when a player scores a goal that drops the jaws of millions, it means something special to her/him.

It is for this reason that the Puskas award for the best goal exists – and it is for this reason that Cristiano Ronaldo was furious when Nani decided to ruin his good work and play a part in one of his best goals being chalked off for offside.

In what was a surprising game, by all means. The then world champions were thrashed 4-0 by Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo putting in an outstanding performance. After sending Pique to the cleaners, Cristiano Ronaldo dragged Carles Puyol, Iker Casillas and Xabi Alonso towards him and then lobbed the ball over the onrushing former Real Madrid captain.

The ball was destined for the net, but Nani poked his head on the ball and shoved it into the net. The linesman then disallowed the goal for Nani interfering play by being in an offside position when Cristiano lobbed the ball.

The Portugal captain was so furious that he threw his armband on the floor in anguish. Replays showed that Nani wasn’t offside and that the ball was already inside the goal when Nani headed it. Bad luck for Ron.

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