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Top 5 stadiums with most attendance in Europe this season

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The beautiful Santiago Bernabeu
The beautiful Santiago Bernabeu

Football has been the most watched sport for centuries now. With an estimated fan-base of 3.5 Billion people now, this beautiful game has one billion additional fans more than Cricket or Field Hockey or Tennis.

For a football fan, the stadiums are not just a venue which host a game. There are countless emotions and memories interwoven for a fan with their home stadium. The stadiums encapsulate those memories and travel time taking it to multiple generations.

Here is the list of five stadiums which has the most average attendance in Europe this season.

#5 Real Madrid - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Average Attendance - 63,489

Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has been the home ground of Real Madrid F.C. since 1947. The capacity of the stadium varied from 1,25,000 to 81,044 over 70 overs. Currently, the stadium has a capacity of 81,044.

The stadium is one of the most famous football venues ever. It has the prestige of hosting the FIFA World Cup final too. The final was hosted in 1982.

The fans of Real Madrid are as famous as their team and their home ground. Known for their high expectations, the fans always want their team to perform to their best on all occasions. The have even criticized and booed legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Bechkam, Zinedine Zidane when they had a rough patch.

The fans will flood the stadium for every El-Clasico against Barcelona and it will be full-capacity every year. With an average attendance of 63,489 fans per match, Santiago Bernabeu stands fifth in the list of stadiums with most attendance.

There has been a steep decline of average attendance this season compared to last season. Last season, the average attendance was 69,426. With Cristiano Ronaldo now moved to Juventus, Bernabeu had its lowest crowd (48,466) in 10 years for their opening home La Liga home.

The European giants will have to figure out a way to attract more viewers to the stadium.

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