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Ronaldo's statue is one of the most famous Football related Meme
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Portugal and Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the finest players the game has ever witnessed. A four-time world player of the year, Ronaldo is often tipped, alongside Lionel Messi, to be the greatest ever player of all time.

The Portuguese forward is well-known for his heading ability, sudden bursts of pace and deadly shot power. Ronaldo is one of the most famous sportspeople of all time and has a huge fan following all over the world.

However, to the frustration of Ronaldo, the talismanic forward has been regularly criticised for some of his controversial actions on-and-off the pitch. Let's take a look at some of the funniest memes featuring Cristiano Ronaldo;

#1: Ronaldo's Bust

Famous sculptor Emanuel Santos sculpted Ronaldo's bust for it to be placed at the Madeira Airport in Ronaldo's hometown. The bust was unveiled in Ronaldo's presence in a ceremony where the Airport was relaunched under Ronaldo's name to honour the island's most successful man.

However, for Ronaldo, things regarding the bust went horribly wrong as the bust became the centre of jokes on the social media for months following the unveiling.

Ronaldo's bust was morphed with various images ranging from the Dark Knight trilogy to da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Ronaldo's episode with his bust is certainly something the star footballer would try to forget and get rid of at the earliest.

#2: Dive against Celta Vigo

Ronaldo's famous dive against Vigo was an embarrassing display of theatrics

Ronaldo is criticized by a majority of football fans for his affinity for going down easily. For a forward with one of the most muscular body structure in the football world, Ronaldo's dives are embarrassing for both the player and also the sport.

Cristiano's infamous dive against Celta Vigo made a big impact on social media and was given rebirth in the form of memes and animations, most common of them being Ronaldo diving into a pool of water.

That dive certainly was one of the most ridiculous moments of the season.

#3: Euro 2004 Final

Ronaldo after the 2004 Euro final

Portugal's emotional loss in the Euro 2004 final left Ronaldo weeping on the field as he missed a chance to claim his first ever international trophy.

Portugal were the favourites to lift the title in front of the home crowd at Lisbon but Greece overcame their challenge and clinched the 2004 trophy.

Ronaldo's post-match emotions weren't well received by fans, and instead of sympathy, he received humiliation. Several memes were made using Ronaldo's sobbing image after the final defeat to Greece in the European Championship.

Ronaldo, however, made amends for the 2004 loss by winning the 2016 Euro.

#4: 'Penaldo'

Penalty + Ronaldo = Penaldo?

Ronaldo's love for penalty doesn't go without a mention on social media. The Portuguese star is criticized for relying on spot-kicks to improve his goal tally.

Ronaldo's theatrics to win penalties add to the humiliation. The nickname 'Penaldo', an amalgam of the word 'Penalty' and Ronaldo's name has often been used to poke fun at the Blancos superstar.

Ironically, Cristiano Ronaldo has missed several spot-kicks for both his club and nation, the most notable being the Champions League semifinal miss against Bayern and the mishap in the Confederations Cup against Chile, where he slotted himself 5th on the list of penalty takers and didn't even get the opportunity to test Bravo, who saved all three of Portugal's penalties.

#5: 'Arrogantaldo'

Arrogant + Ronaldo = Arrogantaldo?

Arrogantaldo is another nickname associated with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid man is blamed for being too arrogant on the field by many fans.

Social Media pointed out time and again how Ronaldo expressed his anger when he missed a goal by another teammate scored. Cristiano isn't the perfect team-player according to many, as he doesn't rely on passing mostly and prefers to do things alone, even in scenarios where another teammate is in a better position.

Memes also targeted Cristiano when he self-announced himself as the 'best player in the last 20 years', which was looked at as another form of Ronaldo's arrogance and selfishness.

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