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Transfer rumours: Spahic for arsenal??

04 Aug 2010, 23:03 IST

Arsenal has had a better if not the best pre season among the elites of English football and has seen its usual trademark style of free flowing football throughout these matches despite large share of big guns missing from action. Despite arsenal winning the emirates cup their defense has been questioned .On the paper arsenal have just 3 out and out centre backs which is surely less if one wish to compete in four major trophies .There has been many centre backs linked with gunners but the one that seems to fit the bill is Bosnian captain EMIR SPAHIC .The 29 year old is currently playing for Montpellier in ligue one and was a part of successful season with them helping them to finish 5th in league and a chance to play in Europe in their first season after a long absence from ligue 1 .He was one of the surprise package of last summer in france playing his first season and eclipsing everybody’s expectations.



Arsene wenger hinted that he was short at the back of field and was looking for new recruits. He was linked with names like per martesacker and sol Campbell was also seemed like a viable option…But Campbell signed for Newcastle and Werder seem reluctant to part with their lanky centre back .With new season just two weeks away arsene is really on the hunt for a quality centre back. Spahic fits the bill according to many criteria…firstly, he is plying his trade in France and wenger is known to be a bit inclined towards signing players from his country .

'you bad boy!!!!'…spahic slaps marco marin for his dive…

Secondly, he is a leader at the back and has been captaining his nation for quite a long time. At the age of 29 you are considered at the peak of your career as a defender and he can provide the much needed experience at the back. He can be used as a cover for vermalean and the new signing koscielny .Technically he seems as hard battling, feisty and beasty character at the back with loads of temper.He has played in croatian and russian leagues which are perhaps not that elite but surely rough . The things that’ll be against him are the lack of quality football in a big league and him being an unknown quantity at such a ripe age…. . With less than a month left for arsenal get the team structured it seems likely that they’ll be doing the business at the last moment..And a centre back arrival seems imminent…will it be emir spahic is still a question

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