Trinidad and Tobago footballer Akeem Adams' health improving


Budapest, Nov 19 (IANS/CMC) Trinidad and Tobago footballer Akeem Adams, who suffered a heart attack in Hungary, has improved to the point where he can now watch football on TV.

The 22-year-old has been in a heart clinic here since September when he suffered a massive heart attack in his apartment, ending his professional career.

His mother Ancilla Adams has vowed to remain in Hungary while he stays in the hospital.

“While Akeem heals here, I am not moving away. I’ll stay in Budapest. Every day I talk to him, hold his hand, to me it is the most important thing. His condition has improved, he can also watch TV, especially the matches of Ferencvaros. I am happy to see that far from Trinidad and Tobago there is love, respect and support for my child,” said Ancilla.

Adams has had four life-saving surgeries, including the amputation of his left leg, and currently survives on a mechanical heart. He still needs a heart transplant but is still too weak to have the procedure.

“A lot of terrible things happened. We lived through hard times but all that matters is that Akeem is alive. I’m happy he is here among us. I cannot be in his hospital room the entire day but if I could, I would be there every minute of it,” added Ancilla.

Adams signed for the Hungarian club Ferencvárosi in the summer but has had a lot of support since his tragedy. Over 250 members of the Hungarian public have donated blood and his club, Ferencvárosi, recently raised money for Adams’ rehabilitation.

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