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Truth or Dare for Mourinho, Klopp's going with Truth

513   //    10 Mar 2018, 14:50 IST

Lets play truth or dare, Jose!
Lets play truth or dare, Jose!

At the onset

When the referee blows the whistle during kick off at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon, most of the eyes would be hoping, with great expectation, that Mourinho would go for the jugular and take the game to Liverpool.

However, it would not be a surprise to see Salah, Mane and Firmino running directly, and from the flanks, at the United defence, trying to shackle and unlock them. And that is precisely what Klopp would program them to do.

A perfect game for Mourinho tactics

This game is more of a question mark on Mourinho's tactics than Klopp's. To go for the kill, against a deadly Liverpool attack, means United will not just have to run up the field, but track back in time as well.

For Klopp, it is a simple approach - break at the counter, canter at a flash and capitalize on any opportunity to score. Sitting back and inviting trouble at Old Trafford may not be his cup of tea, as is evident from his previous away experiences.

What is likely to irk both the spectators and Klopp is Mourinho's cunning tactics which would seek to take the sting out of the game, slow it down to make it a dead rubber, and not being adventurous at all to set up for a point.

When pragmatism beckons, Mourinho always answers the call. He does not like to give in to the emotions of the fans or the perceptions from the pundits. He goes about setting up his team that resembles a pack of wolves, ready to defend their territory, but also waiting patiently to snatch their chance if there's one.

A win could provide momentum to Liverpool in the Champions League

For Klopp, the equation is simple. United lead them by two points, while Spurs trail them by two. Three points at Old Trafford would give them the impetus to finish the season at a high. Lose this game, and you have Chelsea breathing down your neck too, with a game still to play against the Londoners.

A point suits both Liverpool and United perfectly well, but that's something best left to what happens during the 90 mins. Another factor that would emerge out of an unlikely victory at Old Trafford is the boost that Liverpool's Champions League hopes could get.

The game is there for the taking, and individuals with their creativity could make the difference. Or we could also be looking forward to an encounter decided by individual errors, the art of refereeing or a match that simply unfolds the way it did at Anfield earlier this season.

Or we might see Old Trafford really crank it up, just like the old times.

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