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Twitter goes wild as ISIS issue 2018 FIFA World Cup threat

17.33K   //    25 Oct 2017, 17:07 IST

ISIS have decided to advertise their threat using Messi as their poster boy

What in the world is happening? Every day we wake up to news that is either bad or just plain atrocious. It seems as though good news is just becoming an existing species as the world is starting to get bereft of it.

Among all these atrocities, there are certain things that we look forward to. Some things that make life worth living. For us football fans, it is the World Cup as it brings together the joy of football in the most collective way as possible.

When the World Cup arrives, it seems as though time stops for football fans as they almost always make time to watch it. So when ISIS threatened to terrorise next year's World Cup in Russia, it created a furore on social media. Everyone and everything went berserk on Twitter - and here are some of the reactions...


What's truly astounding, is how people have wasted no time in misinterpreting an incredibly serious situation as yet another opportunity to weigh in on the Messi-Ronaldo saga.

Surely, Messi isn't overjoyed with his selection either, and it's high time we accept the magnitude of the situation. The poster, the second of its kind in as many weeks, has sent people all over the globe into a quite a frenzy, and rightly so!

The World Cup is easily one of the most awaited events in the sporting world, and we'd hate to see ISIS anywhere near it. Let's hope Vladimir Putin has been alerted!

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