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Twitter reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo's unusual bust unveiled at Madeira Airport

The Portuguese spoke at the inauguration and was all smiles.... until he saw that!

Humor 29 Mar 2017, 19:39 IST
Ronaldo's bust
Aaah! What is that??

Cristiano Ronaldo is many things. Strong, fast, athletic, handsome. Sadly his bust is none of those things, especially that last one. In his honour, the county decided to name the Madeira airport after him and also a create bust which looks nothing like him. 

It’s the most bizarre thing you will ever see and some part of you will feel sorry for Ronaldo given he had to stand next to it. He obviously seemed happy on the outside but there is no doubt he would have been internally screaming at the sight of that thing.

Twitter had a field day after that bust was revealed:

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