This is how a Twitter user predicted the exact results a day prior to the World Cup

How did Twitter user @FifNdhs predict the outcomes accurately?

Among the various Pauls and Cortanas, you will come across several rip-off artists among the likes of Twitter user @FifNdhs who had a brilliant yet not so well planned idea to get the Internet’s attention by posting all the accurate outcomes of the FIFA World Cup final.

@FifNdhs had tweeted that the match would go into extra time with Goetze scoring the eventual winner seventeen hours ago prior to the match with his motive to prove that the football’s governing body was corrupted.


Don’t be.

Interestingly, what @FifNdhs actually did was that he had tweeted every plausible scenario ahead of the match, and then deleted all of the ones that went wrong.

Many users were succesful in taking screenshots of the tweets before they were deleted by @FifNdhs.

Many users have hinted that @FifNdhs might have been using the account privately at first, and then made it public. However, since his tweets were visible to many viewers, chances are he was following the users who had taken screenshots of his tweets. Had he not followed anyone, or kept his account private throughout, this could have been a bit trickier mystery.

@FifNdhs was still successful in gaining over 40,000 followers as of Monday, and even caught the attention of broadcaster Matt Le Tissier.

This is not the first time someone has tried to con the world in this manner, as a Twitter user called @FraudeMundial14 had earlier pulled the same stunt, by predicting the outcomes of the group stage draw.

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