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MMA News: UFC analyst breaks down Sergio Ramos injuring Mohammad Salah

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UEFA Champions League'Real Madrid v Liverpool FC'
Excellent use of wrist control by Ramos.

What's the story?

Canadian Mixed Martial Arts analyst Robin Black has sparked debate in the football world, with his one-minute technical breakdown of Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos injuring Liverpool star Mohammad Salah, during the Champions League final in Kiev, Ukraine.

In case you didn't know...

Mohamed Salah’s Champions League final ended in heartbreak after he suffered a game-ending injury in the first half against Real Madrid.

Liverpool fell 3-1 to Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday after the 25-year-old Salah suffered a dislocated shoulder.

Salah landed heavily on his left shoulder hurting himself after hooking his arm under Ramos during the match.

The heart of the matter

Robin Black examined the anatomy of the takedown which shook the football world by applying various biomechanical analogies.

In his analysis, Robin vindicates that the step across trip by Ramos created an obstacle for Salah who was later destabilized by the former by applying rotational force.

He added that the key to this takedown is the grip Ramos had on Salah's forearm which helped control his wrist and execute the takedown using the momentum created.

He also pointed out that the fall caused all of Salah's weight and force to come down on his radius and ulna (two large bones of the forearm).


What's next?

Salah has posted on Instagram stating that he is "confident" he would be able to represent Egypt at Russia 2018 quelling some of the fears for his fans.

But in reality, the odds of him making it to the world cup in Russia next month depends entirely on exactly how bad the injury is and when he can be back at his full fitness.

Author's take

This was just an unfortunate accident. Salah is a great athlete and a beacon of hope for millions of his fans, It's sad to watch bad things happen to good men.

This is a terrible end to his season, which has been amazing. Hope that he recovers fast and gets to represent his people at the world cup.

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