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Video: 50-year-old Kazuyoshi Miura breaks record as oldest goalscorer yet again

Rohith Nair
620   //    12 Mar 2017, 16:23 IST
Kazuyoshi Miura oldest goal scorer history 50 years old

Kazuyoshi Miura celebrated his 50th birthday in February

The majority of professional footballers retire in their mid-30s but that’s not the case with Kazuyoshi Miura. There’s a reason he’s known as King Kazu and the striker has probably had two long careers in one lifetime. 

And on 12 March, in a J-League J2 match between Yokohama FC and Thespa Kusatsu Gunma at the Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium, Kazu made history when he broke the record for the oldest goalscorer in professional football. 

He now holds the record for the oldest goalscorer in professional football. It was a routine poacher’s goal where he pounced on the rebound after the goalkeeper had made a save. But his quick feet during his famous Kazu Dance goal celebration suggest he could easily play for a few more years. 

Among known goalscorers on record, there was Billy Meredith who scored his final goal for Manchester City at the age of 49 years 208 days (against Brighton & Hove Albion in February 1924) while Sir Stanley Matthews also scored his last goal at the age of 49 years 14 days for Stoke City in February 1964.

Kazu, on the other hand, celebrated his 50th birthday on 26 February. Only last week, at 50 years and 7 days, he broke Stanley Matthews’ record for the oldest player to play a professional match. And the evergreen gentleman that he is, he brushed it aside claiming that there was no point comparing their careers.

“I may have surpassed him in longevity but I won't ever match his statistics and the career he had!” – Kazu 

Nowadays, even 40-year-old players scoring in the cut-throat world of professional football are considered tremendous achievements. Brazilian legend Zico set the record for the oldest goalscorer in the J-League’s top division at 41 years and 72 days for Kashima Antlers. But even though this is the second division, it is an achievement nonetheless!

All hail King Kazu! 

King Kazu 50
Kazuyoshi Miura's birthday cake to celebrate his 50th birthday
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