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Video: Arsenal players photo-bomb kit-buying fans who have absolutely no clue

Arsenal fans were in for a surprise when they bought the new home and away kits at the club's official shop

News 04 Aug 2015, 21:14 IST
Arsenal players photobomb fans
Arsenal players photobomb fans without their knowledge

After Arsenal launched the new Puma kits for the 2015/16 season (both home and away), the club convinced a few fans to allow them to take photos at the store. The Armoury, Arsenal’s aptly named store, was where fans got to buy their kits and have their photos taken.

But they were in for a huge surprise as hiding behind the black screen were Arsenal stars Olivier Giroud, Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Francis Coquelin and Mathieu Debuchy. Their mission? Photo-bomb all fans’ portraits.

As the photographer started a countdown from ‘5’, it was the signal for the players to get behind the unsuspecting fans for a variety of poses which will make you laugh your head off. Some fans didn’t even realize when the players were inches away from them, their focus only on the camera lens.

It isn’t until the very end you see the reactions of the surprised fans who take a few seconds to digest the fact that it is indeed the Arsenal players standing behind them (and even in front of them at times) in the photos taken. 

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