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Video: Crazy and funny penalty goals that you must see

Snehartho Dey
5.88K   //    13 Aug 2015, 13:00 IST
This backheel penalty goal is one of the most bizarre routines ever

Penalties are always a controversial aspect of the game as it involves refereeing decisions that always divide the fans into two factions. Some think the official was right to call it one, others think he is biased towards their side.

Irrespective of what one may think, a penalty gives you a 90% chance to score one for your team as it’s the outfield player who is more likely to beat the goalkeeper than his chances of  saving it.

However, improvisation is one particular facet of the game that makes it so entertaining and with every passing year, we have witnessed some unorthodox and weird skills that have been executed and implemented by players time and again.

In case of penalties, it has been no different as players have often executed outlandish and bizarre techniques to score past the keeper. Be it players fooling goalkeepers with their unusual techniques or shot stoppers playing mid games, it is always fun to watch the mental battle during these spotkick sessions.

In this video, we take a look at some of these unconventional penalty goals and also the funny fails from goalkeepers that will leave your head scratching. Do you think some of these should be banned?

Snehartho Dey
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