Goalkeeper jumps over Felipe Melo after he misses his penalty

Volkan Demirel and Felipe Melo
Shubham Mazumdar
Referee tries to break down the fight between Galatasaray's Felipe Melo (R) and Fenerbahce keeper Volkan Demirel (L).

The derbies between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are always heated up, but the recent encounter between the two in the Turkish Super Cup final saw Fenerbahce keeper Volkan Demirel jump over Galatasaray midfielder Felipe Melo’s head after the latter missed his penalty.

After the score was tied at 1-1, the match went into penalties. It was after Melo had missed his spot kick by blasting the ball into the crowd when Demirel was seen sprinting towards the Brazillian while celebrating. Melo’s miss.

Demirel was only given a yellow card, and wasn’t sent off. Surprisingly, Melo was issued a yellow too for reasons unknown.

It was eventually Fenerbahce who triumphed as champions, finishing as winners in the 3-2 penalty shoot-out.

Watch the incident


It was a frustrating day for Fenerbahce keeper Volkan Demirelsada

Guards protecting Fenerbahce's Raul Meireles as he takes a corner

Raul Meireles

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