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Video: Indians can't understand a word or even the language when Jamie Carragher speaks

Jamie Carragher's accent is hard to follow. So how do Indians who don't know him react when they hear him speak?

News 23 May 2015, 09:34 IST

Jamie Carragher is one of the most decorated footballers in the history of Liverpool Football Club. The former English international amassed over 500 appearances for his beloved club before retiring. But despite all the caps and silverware, it’s his accent that makes the buzz. 

There are accents where you can't understand the words and there are accents where you can't understand the language itself. Jamie Carragher's accent certainly falls in category two. Like most Scousers, Carragher’s accent is pretty broad and listeners often take extra precaution to understand what he speaks.

The 37-year-old has improved lately, thanks to the elocution lessons he received before joining Gary Neville on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports.? YouTube channel ANKZMUFC tv decided to take things to the next level.

The crew played one of Jamie Carragher’s most hilarious interviews to some Indians and asked them to guess the language he speaks in the video. The reactions might surprise you! 

But hey, we still love you, Jamie.

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