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Video: Jose Mourinho teams up with cleaning lady to prank Football Daily show

651   //    08 Jun 2016, 17:05 IST

The Football Daily show, a widely followed show where panelists give their opinion on various subjects, recently tried to record a show for Euro 2016. And while the three – Joe Thomlinson, Patrick and David Jackson were discussing various subjects, they were rudely interrupted by Josie – the cleaning lady on the set.

Or were they? In truth, she seemed to know more about each question than the ones seated on the couch giving their opinion. At least that’s what they thought. The rest of the crew were in on the prank and knew very well that she was being fed information through an earpiece. 

And who was at the other end of the line? None other than the new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho!

As Joe asked the other two who could impress at Euro, they discussed the usual suspects such as Germany and France when Josie chimes in from the back saying, “Austria.” Mourinho goes on to give her information on why Austria were one of the most improved teams, qualifying with nine wins in 10. 

While Patrick and Dave don't have much of an idea about Austria, Josie gives them a barrage of information on the side and players, eliciting a response from Patrick who says, "You are actually better at this than us." 

They go on to discuss a variety of topics and Josie gets the better of them every time. Do they finally get to see the real man behind Josie's knowledge or do they go home wondering how they were upstaged on camera by the cleaning lady? Watch on! 

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