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Video: Neymar's mad skills in Copa del Rey final make Athletic Bilbao players angry

67.28K   //    31 May 2015, 03:44 IST
The Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao players get into an argument over Neymar’s showboating

Earlier it was Ronaldinho who would anger the opponents with his skillset, but Neymar has successfully taken over that mantle. The 23-year old was at his showboating best in the Copa del Rey final as he dazzled everyone (except the Athletic Bilbao players and fans) at the Camp Nou with a few tricks.

Known for his quick feet and tricks, the Barcelona attacker infuriated the Bilbao players on the night by consistently beating them with his vast range of skills.

Neymar got so deep in the Bilbao players’ skins that they all ganged up on him near the end when he beat the helpless Unai Bustinza by lifting the ball over and around the defender, who could do nothing but foul the Brazilian trickster.

The losing side all gathered around Neymar to give him some stick and pushed him around before the Barcelona players and the referee separated them.

Watch Neymar’s skills that made the Bilbao defenders violent:

After the match, when Neymar was asked about the incident, he said that he won’t change his style just because the defenders don’t like it. “Row at the end? I just did a normal dribble. I've always done it. It's their problem, I won't change my style,” he said.

However, teammate Gerard Pique, being a defender, understood the opposition’s frustrations and admitted that the Brazilian shouldn’t have done that skill.  He said, “Row at the end? It's a detail, but shouldn't happen. Ney (Neymar) maybe shouldn't do that dribble and Athletic shouldn't react like that.”

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique also added: “If I were an Athletic player I would have reacted the same, or perhaps worse. “In Spain it is badly looked upon, in Brazil there is another context, and it is more normal. But it’s easy to understand why they reacted as they did, given that they were losing.”

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