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Video: Player scores 40-yard goal with insane front-flip throw-in

Ed Ran
5.18K   //    15 Jan 2015, 09:39 IST
Throw in goal
The high school player did a front flip before launching the ball 40 yards and into the goal

Throw-ins don’t get any better than this, especially when it’s from 40 yards away. Even the players of Stoke City of old would have been proud of this one.

The fact that he even manages to score makes it even better. His technique is also something you rarely see. By somersaulting once, the player gets a lot more momentum on the ball to send it a long, long way up field.

Now, according to the rules you cannot score directly from a throw-in. The rule for throw-ins state:

A goal will not be scored directly from a throw in, nor can an own-goal. The restarts for each are a goal kick for the defending team, and a corner kick for the opposing team, respectively.

But in this case, the goalkeeper gets a hand to it and ends up putting it into his own goal. Hence, the goal stands. If the goalkeeper had simply let it go and watched it float into the goal, his team would have been awarded a goal kick even though the ball lands in the back of the net.

Ed Ran
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