Video: Players Push Stalled Ambulance so Unconscious Player Could Be Rushed to Hospital

Vasco Flamengo players push ambulance
Vasco and Flamengo players push the stalled ambulance so Bruno Silva could be taken to the hospital

Medical personnel at a Brasileiro Serie A game required the help of footballers from Flamengo and Vasco da Gama to help push start their ambulance so an injured player could be rushed to the hospital.

The incident occurred when Vasco da Gama's Bruno Silva was knocked out cold in a collision involving his own teammate. While contesting for an aerial ball, he did not see his teammate making a run to get to it first.

Bruno was not only hit on the head during the collision but also saw an elbow land on his face when both players landed on the turf.

After he was loaded into the ambulance, the vehicle did not move immediately and that was when the players approached the driver to ask him why he was still on the pitch.

“That’s a first,” Flamengo defender Rever Humberto Alves told Sportv.

“What a lamentable scene. I thought the driver was kidding but he said he had turned the engine off and asked for our help."

"We managed to push it a little bit and it kick-started.”

More than 50,000 fans in the Mane Garrincha stadium in Brasilia were urging the driver to get a move on.

Only after players from both sides pushed the ambulance did the driver get it to start. As he exited the pitch, he even put his hand out to give them a thumbs-up for the help.

Silva regained consciousness later and preliminary scans showed he had not sustained any major damage. However, he was kept in hospital for observation.

The game ended 1-1 with Andre Rios' 28th-minute strike for Vasco cancelled out by Luiz Gustavo's own goal. Flamengo were also reduced to 10 men for the last half-hour after Diego was sent off.

The result leaves Flamengo in fourth place while Vasco are in 17th place in the table.

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Edited by Arvind Sriram
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