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Video: Cristiano Ronaldo shows why he isn't as arrogant as they say

63.06K   //    04 May 2015, 11:40 IST

Cristiano Ronaldo

Say what want about Cristiano Ronaldo but the Real Madrid forward isn’t all that bad. His recent behaviour following teammate Arbeloa’s goal could easily give away a selfish vibe, and to be fair, you wouldn’t expect anything different. To react like the Portuguese did was wrong, but the accusations of him not being a good teammate are often heard.

Like this scenario when he had appreciated a Japanese kid’s Portuguese in an event [for a very weird product that he endorses] while others were laughing at the poor kid’s attempt.

“He speaks good Portuguese. Why [are] they laughing? They should be happy because he tried very hard,” said Ronaldo as he encouraged the kid.?

Fun Fact: Ronaldo has endorsed several products throughout his career, however, the Facial Fitness Pao could just be the weirdest of them all. During his visit to Japan last year, Ronaldo shot an ad for the fitness product that helps people work on their facial muscles, giving them a youthful smile – well that is what the company claims.

Here’s a GIF from one of the other events.

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