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Video: Team scores from kickoff while opponents celebrate previous goal

The players were too busy celebrating their goal to realize their opponents had kicked off and scored

News 26 Mar 2015, 13:41 IST
goal score while team celebrates
The goalkeeper was not in position when the opponents kicked off and scored from the centre circle

Rule #1 in football (or any sport): Always be aware of what’s happening on the pitch. Mozambique club Ferroviario Maputo will have learned their lesson after going over the top with their goal celebrations when K-stars took advantage and scored directly from kickoff!

The stage was an annual competition called the 2015 Future Champions Gauteng International Tournament. Ferroviario took the lead through Dos Santos Adriano who scored with a free kick. The players were so elated that they went towards their fans near the touchline and started celebrating – including the goalkeeper.

What you should notice is that the K-Stars could kick off as soon as the last Ferroviario player crossed the half line. While three K-Stars players called them back to get on with the game, the majority of the team were too busy celebrating. The referee was also in a hurry to get things going and obviously allowed them to kickoff.

Kapilingo Francisco took full advantage and took a shot straight after kickoff and lobbed it into the goal from the centre circle with the goalkeeper nowhere in the picture and the game finished 1-1.

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