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Video: Watch Messi's inspirational Gatorade commercial that will make you feel like Superman

Sunaadh Sagar
7.76K   //    25 Feb 2016, 17:12 IST

Lionel Messi is a certified phenomenon. The Argentine maestro has been redefining football ever since he stepped onto the pitch on October 17, 2004 as a callow 17-year-old for Barcelona. Messi has been wowing football fans around the world for 11 years, and his latest commercial is sure to make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

The 28-year-old Argentinian posted the commercial to Facebook with the words ‘When the outside world wants to bring you down, count on what’s inside to keep you up.’ The commercial is a tribute to Messi’s refusal to go down, despite being persistently fouled when he sets off on one of his mazy, dribbling runs.

The video begins by referencing Messi’s famous taciturn nature but points out that the Argentine has been preaching his gospel all along, except he uses his feet to do so. Footage of Messi fighting off defenders who keep grabbing onto him from behind follows, as Messi refuses to let that deter him - a metaphor, says the ad, for life - 'don't go down' when life 'kicks' you.

The commercial is part of Gatorade’s ‘Win from within’ campaign, an inspirational message that uses Messi as it’s posterboy to reiterate it’s uplifting message. The commercial ends with the words ‘Life has more in store for you... if you just stay up’.

Messi’s magic on the pitch would surely have been diminished if the diminutive Argentine went down under every challenge. His manager, Luis Enrique, is glad to be witness to Messi’s brand of magic, saying “I just say “abracadabra” before the game and then the magic happens.”

“That’s all I say. Honestly, I always work very hard and I’ve always had the chance to have good strikers in my squad. To be honest, it’s simple. In most situations you don’t even have to wish them to do something - they are already doing it.”

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