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Why Barclays Premier League is known as a tougher league than La Liga

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Amidst the Football team battles and Player battles going on, there is a small battle going on, between the La Liga fans and Barclays Premier League fans. Which is the superior league? Is it the La Liga? Or is it the Barclays Premier League?

Normally Football fans say, the Barclays Premier League is a better league than the La Liga. But some people don’t know the exact reason.

In this article I aim to let people know, why players who move from La Liga to Barclays Premier League find it difficult to play and also why spanish giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid buy top premier league players. Many people don’t know why players in the Premier League is rated a little bit high.

The Barclays Premier League is a physical and competitive league. The word ‘Strength’ is an important factor in the Premier League. Here the players come across tough tackles and they have no other option than dealing with it. And here he referees take the red card out of their pocket only when they see a very harsh or crucial tackle. The teams buy defenders who are strong and also fast. Defenders who lack any one of these factors will find it tough in England. The midfield and Strikers should also be strong enough to deal with the strong opponent defenders. Here the smaller teams are capable of defeating the bigger teams. For example:- Cardiff was the first team to get relegated this season, still they defeated Manchester City, the winners of Premier League, this season. Sunderland defeated both Chelsea and Manchester City. Each and every team can have a impact on the premier league title, like this year, Everton, West Ham and Aston Villa could have defeated Manchester City and could have changed the balance of the league. Crystal Palace held Liverpool in a 3-3 draw, even after being 3-0 down.

The La Liga is a completely different league). They don’t give importance to defending. Skill is what matters the most. And also La Liga now is dominated by three teams, Atletico, Barcelona, and Real. For the next season, we can easily predict the top three teams. It is not going to change unless the other teams are taken over by rich people. We can’t expect the lower teams to defeat the dominant teams. A lower team defeating a dominant team is very rare. And also we can see Ronaldo and Messi scoring lot of goals without difficulty. Yes, they are talented players, but they have an advantage of playing in a non-physical league. La Liga has more ball players, in all positions.

We can see players, who go from the La Liga to Barclays Premier League, find it difficult to play there. Talented players can acclimatize. The best examples for this are Ozil and Soldado. Ozil transferred from Real Madrid to Arsenal for an amount of 50 million Euros. Ozil is a good feeder, but he is a little weak. This made his first season in the Barclays Premier League tough. But still we could see the talent in Ozil. He made some assists and also found net quite a few times. Soldado transferred from Valencia to Tottenham for a sum of 25 million. He was the captain of Valencia. He is a good finisher, but things never went easy for him at Tottenham. He scored some goals, but most of them were from penalties. He also was dropped from the side. On the other side, Ronaldo and Bale have an easy going life in Spain. Both of them find it easy to go past the defenders and find the net. But some defenders and holding defenders may find it difficult to play in the La Liga for a couple of years, because cards are easily given in the La Liga. So they will have to control their tackles.

This season(2013-14) was the only season we feel Premier League is easy. The top two sides scored 100+ goals which is very rare in the Premier League. Even one team scoring 100+ goals is very rare. The record for most goals scored in a single Premier League is 103(Chelsea), this record is beaten in the La Liga, like every season. As Real Madrid and Barcelona are dominating sides, ntheir stats are very good, they concede really less goals and score a lot of foals(100+ in most seasons). As there is heavy domination in the La Liga we can see, the lower teams crushed. Their Goal Difference is very low(most of them negative). In the Barclays premier League, there are teams with very low goal difference, but still we can see them beating the bigger sides. They can give tough time for their opponents, but in La Liga it is very rare.

Overall, what makes Barclays Premier League a tougher is the importance they give to strength and the capability of smaller sides to defeat the bigger sides. Again La Liga has very talented players and they have more ball players in each and every position. And we all have different tastes so some may find La Liga more entertaining and some may find Premier League interesting.If you are looking for inspiration and if you are a striker or an attacking player, I suggest you to watch La Liga. And if you are a defender or a goalkeeper, who wants to learn about positioning and tackling, I suggest you to watch Premier League. Lots of people watch La Liga to watch, the three dominating sides(Atletico, Barca, Real), but in Premier League we will be entertained to watch any side play, because each team plays a different style of game.

I think have made it clear, why the Barclays Premier League is a tougher league than the La Liga.

If there is anything that I have left out or not made clear, please let me know in the comments section.

Thank You.

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