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Why Premier League is not the best league in Europe

1.93K   //    22 May 2014, 23:43 IST
EPL trophy
EPL trophy

English Premier League which is famously known as Barclays Premier League is said to be the most competitive league. Any player who has played in the EPL is presumed to have all the attributes to succeed at any other club from other leagues.

Teams in EPL are physical, the pace in the EPL is faster compared to other leagues, EPL teams play their football in beautiful stadiums, the fans of EPL teams are considered to be more passionate for football than any in any other country.

Infact going by the statistics, each Premier League game has a global audience of 12.3 million per people as per valued in 2011. The EPL commands the biggest television audience; EPL has the best television right deals, and teams in EPL aren’t suffering the Financial Downfall as been suffered by rest of the countries.

However, if these things are ignored and the matter is concentrated just to footballing results then statistics show that English clubs and players lag behind their counterparts and are far behind them.

Starting from the Europa League, since 2000-01, 14 finals have been played, but there were just 2 instances were an English team came out on top. Infact out of these 14 finals, there was an English representation only 4 times with Fulham and Middlesbrough going losing to Atletico Madrid and Sevilla respectively. Furthermore, never have been a case when there was an all English final even when all Spanish final was played twice in 2006-07 and again in 2011-12 and also all Portugese final in 2010-11.

Next is UCL, the most coveted trophy at club level. Since 2000-01, out of 14 finals played an English team won only twice. And overall an English team participating in UCL final has been limited to just 6 times out of which twice an English team won and in rest Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United (twice) went down fighting. Furthermore, all English final was played just once in 2007-08 and since then 5 finals have been played and only twice has been the case that an English team played in the final.

Next comes the World Cup where the records are even poor. In the last 10 World Cups dating back to 1974, England has never been a part of the final. Infact the only participation in the final was way back in 1966 which is in stark contrast to other top nations like Netherlands and Argentina who have been to finals thrice, Germany 6 times, and Brazil participated in the Final 4 times.

And last but not the least, FIFA team of the year and Ballon D’Or. There is no representation from EPL in 2013, 2012, 2010. Two representations were there from Manchester United in 2011, and 5 representations in 2009. And moreover, Ballon ‘Or award has not been won by a player plying his trade in EPL in the last 4 terms. These stats are not good considering the fact EPL is considered the best league.

These stats just show how poor English clubs have been lately and how the quality has diminished in recent times. It is agreed that yes the competition to win the title is huge and 5-6 teams try to compete and no team goes down easily. Even the 20th ranked team gives a top team a run for their money but when it eventually comes down to the grandest stage of all, all English clubs and England team has failed collectively.

The poor record is not down to just performances but also because of the schedule, players attitude and transfer decisions made by English Players. Looking at Spanish national team, even though the core of Spanish team like Ramos, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Alaba ply their trade in Spain but many have moved on like Santi Cazorla, Javi Martinez, Fernando Torres, Nacho Monreal, Juan Mata, Fernando Llorente, and now plays at the very best clubs of Europe.

Whereas same is the case for the German team. Even though Lahm, Manuel, Klose, Goetze, Bastian plays in Germany but Ozil, Per, Andre, Podolski, Holtby plys their trade abroad. However, most of English players play in EPL and only a few have tried playing abroad which again has hindered the development of players.

Then there is 2 cups to play for in England which is again not the case in other countries and add to that fatigue because of lack of Winter Break.

These are just few reasons to be concerned and the Football Association of England shall address the same and try to get the best out of English players and best out of English teams.

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