Women's World Cup 2019: How the Cup redefined women's football

Megan Rapinoe won the Golden Boot and was the tournament's most colorful personality.
Megan Rapinoe won the Golden Boot and was the tournament's most colorful personality.

The Women's World cup 2019 has revolutionized the women's game entirely with more viewers than ever before tuning into watch stars like Megan Rapinoe and Ellen White rise to stardom, as eight cities in France hosted the glittering extravaganza.

Furthermore, the World Cup has garnered enough attention in England for the Football Association to consider hosting some of the Women's Super League games as double-headers alongside the men's competition. This is a great example of how the WWC has helped the women's game come closer to the men's game and how much interest it has generated. The amount of people who watched the WWC, an estimated 28.1 million in one broadcaster, set a new record in television viewership.

New fan favorites

More people will now tune into women's football week in, week out because they will want to see stars such as Steph Houghton and Alex Morgan do duty for their clubs with the same elan and passion they exhibited for their nation. In addition to this, the WWC has established fan favorites in other countries as well, so viewers from other nations will want to watch them at the club level as well.

For example, an English fan favorite is White, who netted plenty of goals in the tournament, and therefore fans will now want to watch her perform and score for Manchester City during regular season.

Silencing the naysayers

The Women's World Cup has not only silenced social media naysayers who disparage the women's game but it has also helped to highlight the outstanding talent of the players on show, which made the tournament the closest ever in its history. The enthralling tournament ended in perfect fashion with USA prevailing over the Netherlands 2-0 in a high-intensity showdown, bringing a new legion of fans to rapture.

A tournament of characters

Some believe, WWC 2019 belonged to characters like Rapinoe, who stood out because of her conviction about things outside football and had the game on the field to back up her words.

Other remarkable players include White, who was a revelation for England, and Morgan, whose tea-drinking celebration after scoring against England, sent social media into meltdown. These characters added to the spectacle and to the number of followers of the tournament.

In conclusion

The 2019 WWC was a historic one with VAR drama combined with close, entertaining matches which led to heartbreak for certain teams and joy for others, and although the women's game hasn't got the same exposure as the men's just yet, this World Cup has been a step in the right direction that may lead to greater things.

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