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WW3:Enlgish-Arsenal FC VS Germany-Bayern Munich

709   //    13 Mar 2013, 17:01 IST

Been hearing only Anti-Arsenal remarks the whole day.People have totally given up on the Gunners after their poor first leg show. Fans ,too,are somewhat cynical and talk of the worst. Arsenal sit in the premier league dangerously close to a MerseySide team two points behind them and looking good. They are destined to fail if not at least reach “their” promised UCL spot this year. Wilshere is out. Soon,Arsenal will be too. This is what everyone expects of the only English team left in Europe.
All hope is lost. But in times of hardship,struggle and doom….Heroes are born. If there was ever a moment in the history of this club to show if it has the footballs to survive without so called great players,It is NOW. Now is the chance to show how games are won because of teamwork and not individual effort. If Arsenal win today,years from now the fans will remember how a team without stars,without a Van Persie or Suarez or Bale,brought down an empire. If anyone is reading this you may be laughing, I understand. But to the Gooner or that football fan who has seen those matches,where Manchester United scored twice in injury time in the 1999 Final to win or when Liverpool scored thrice in 6 minutes to turn around a 3-0 deficit. Miracles happen sometimes.
Wenger has put up a decent bunch of bright individuals with great potential but which may be realised elsewhere. Wenger has recruited some fine players like Cazorla,Arteta and Mertesacker in the last year. With the old boys Theo Walcott and Wilshere most probably rested,it looks a grim task. But quoting the Miracle dialogue,”Great Moments are born from Great Oppurtunity.”,one can only hope the Gunners realise what a chance they have to turn the tide on their haters. To become legends. GodSpeed GOONERS!

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