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You know you’re an Arsenal supporter when

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READING, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 30: Marouane Chamakh of Arsenal (R) celebrates after scoring their fifth goal during the Capital One Cup Fourth Round match between Reading and Arsenal at Madejski Stadium on October 30, 2012 in Reading, England.

#1. If the game goes in your favour through the entirety of 90 minutes, you can expect gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking, heart-palpitating seconds ticking on the clock for the added time, which also inevitably turns out to be way more than expected, almost giving you a cardiac arrest.

#2. An Arsenal match takes you on a complete roller-coaster of emotions. From pure ecstasy on sublime comebacks, to rage on wasted chances and tumultuous pheromones when Giroud comes on screen. Okay that last bit might just be a quarter of us.

#3. When the boss makes uncalled-for substitutions or refuses to substitute wrought players or call off players you think could’ve played for a whole 90 minutes. Calling off the Ox in a match against United in January raised a lot of questions and voices.

#4. The fans make this team. Whatever the score line reads, you know the fans are going to be there to back the players up one hundred percent. I think our away fans are the best thing to happen after Henry; you can hear them chanting and sticking up for the team in dire situations and that’s what we really need.

#5. When all your celebrations are halted until the final whistle because you cannot be comfortable even with a four goal lead. Newcastle much?

#6. The game is dominated by you with more than half the possession amongst the two teams, but a defensive slip up costs you the game. The Verminator against QPR, or with?

#7. You actually enjoy watching the game because the passing is beautiful. Although recent events may negate my statement a bit, Arsenal have been known to play impeccable football on their good days and even though Barca have a greater pass accuracy, their whininess makes Arsenal an easy pick over them.

#8. You have mediocre players picked out from mid-table teams and positioned in positions that get them noticed and highlight their strengths.

#9. It’s all business. The buying and selling of players have a profit margin far greater than our goal difference even though you end up selling half of them. This has made me a bit wary of whose name I use as my password next. Some of them being fabregas and rvpforever (slight gag).

#10. You have no idea how Arsene functions, or what the players are thinking, or who might excel (Chamakh?!) or even underperform, or get mysteriously injured again but you relish every second of every move executed on the pitch, and no matter how many jibes you get about the position on the table or the way you played in a certain game that also happens to be the most important, remaining frustrated at this team is impossible. It sort of pulls you back with this hopeful magnetism, and you can’t help but root for it again, now, and in the seasons to come.

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