10 Fortnite meme strategies that were pure genius

Best meme strategies in Fortnite's history (Image via Fortnite)
Best meme strategies in Fortnite's history (Image via Fortnite)

Fortnite might be one of the sweatiest games ever, but the community also loves to try out certain meme strategies for fun. Content creators and streamers actively promote them and casual players can also try them in public matches.

Even though meme strategies do not work in tryhard modes like Arena for obvious reasons, they can be a great stress buster for loopers who just want to have fun.

From playing hide and seek to winning on the spawn island, here are the 10 best meme strategies ever.

10 meme strategies like 'Hide and Seek' and 'launchpad traps' that have become a part of Fortnite's history

1) Hide and Seek


Back in 2018, prominent creator Lachlan and his friends hosted custom games to play Hide and Seek in several POIs on the Fortnite map. The squad moved to every noticeable location from Tilted Towers to Shift Shafts.

A seeker had to find the remaining three players. The game was going pretty fair until Lachlan discovered a glitch through which he could turn invisible in a spot in Lazy Links. He stood right beside the pool but Fresh, his teammate, was unable to spot him.

The entire sequence was hilarious, and Lachlan reacted to it recently.

2) Winning on the spawn island


Lachlan once tried to win a game on spawn island itself, and this meme strategy somehow worked. The Fortnite YouTuber quickly landed on the spot and farmed a ton of fish.

After countless attempts and exploting the campfire (which was later removed), Lachlan won the game by doing nothing else but looting near the spawn island.

3) Rift to rift


Back in Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, YouTuber Muselk did the impossible by just floating around the map until the final play zone in which only two other players were left.

This was one of the best meme strategies because of the intense pressure that the player has to go through. For over 20 minutes, they have to find Rifts in the distance and also hope that someone doesn't spot them gliding around.

4) Launchpad traps


Back in Chapter 1, traps were one of the most popular features in Fortnite. Players loved fooling their opponents and surprising them with traps.

The launchpad traps meme strategy was an advanced version of the same, where the player built a tower with a launchpad at the bottom. The top of the tower naturally had traps, and anyone who innocently used the launch pad was eliminated within seconds.

As per Muselk, this was one of the most satisfying meme strategies in Fortnite.

5) Hiding in the sand


This strategy was made famous during Chapter 2 Season 5, where players could bury themselves in the sand. They could drop a ton of lucrative loot, and then jump out as soon as anyone came to collect it.

As it turned out, this hiding strategy was more effective than any other hiding trick because the loot could be placed over the sand in a manner that perfectly covered the hidden player.

6) Harpoon guns


Harpoon guns are used to defeat bosses like The Foundation in Chapter 3, but back in the day, they were great for just pulling an opponent towards a trap. However, pulling this off wasn't as easy as it sounds.

The Harpoon meme strategy was simple, yet extremely entertaining. Streamers and content creators heavily used it and as a result, it turned into the meta among casual players as well.

7) Vault door + Grabatron


Even though should shields already exist in Fortnite, who would mind having some extra protection from a literal vault door? With the Grabatron, players could carry a Vault Door with them and it easily saved them from bullets.

Moreover, when players hit back at enemies with the door, it dealt 100 damage which made the meme strategy very effective.

8) Neighborly hang


The Spider-Man outfit and its built-in emote called Neighborly Hang are called pay-to-win for several reasons. However, the most obvious one is that players could hide above doors with the emote.

Whenever loopers walked into a house, they could just use the emote and hide above the door. Naturally, an opponent wouldn't check above the door and move ahead, which was the ideal time to surprise them.

9) Tents


Tents were added to Fortnite in Chapter 3. Players can store their loot in them for upcoming games. However, for a meme strategy, content creators are just hiding in their tents and surprising their opponents.

Hiding in a tent leads to some noise, but in a fast-paced game, it is hard to trace it. Hence, loopers can always find tents and trick their opponents.

10) Reboot classic


The Reboot vans in Fortnite are shiny and players can easily hide above them with any slurp-themed outfit.

What's even more surprising is the fact that x2Twins tried the reboot meme strategy in the FNCS, and partially succeeded as well. It is safe to assume that the Reboot Van strategy will be popular for years to come.

More and more meme strategies will arrive in Fortnite with Chapter 3 Season 2. While sweaty players can focus on improving their skills, the casual userbase can look forward to having fun with such meme strategies.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan


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