10 things in Fortnite that give their owners the rights to flex (Chapter 3)

Things in Fortnite that give their owners bragging rights (Image via Sportskeeda)
Things in Fortnite that give their owners bragging rights (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite might be a free-to-play game, but there are many things that can give players bragging rights. From rare cosmetic items to their Victory Royales, they can flex with a ton of in-game elements.

Over the years, several skins have become rare in Fortnite. Who would've thought that common outfits like Renegade Raider would become the rarest skins in the game after four years of release?

On that note, here are 10 things in Fortnite that give their owners the right to flex.

Fortnite players can earn bragging rights by owning these items

1) Axe of Champions

Axe of Champions is undoubtedly the biggest flex in Fortnite. Epic Games hands it to the winners of FNCS, and even they cannot own this pickaxe permanently. Every season, the new winners get it as a reward.

This explains why pro players never leave an opportunity to play with their Axe of Champions. This item cannot be bought with any amount of V-Bucks, but only with sheer hard work and skills.


2) Aerial Assault Trooper

This is an outfit from Chapter 1 Season 1, and only veterans who've been playing since day one own it.

One of the reasons why the Aerial Assault Trooper is now rare is its generic design. It comes as no surprise that players ignored this skin back in the day.

In contrast, Aerial Assault Trooper is a symbol of experience in Fortnite now. Anyone who has this skin deserves appreciation for playing the game for so long.


3) Black Knight

In the past few years, the Battle Pass grind has gone from unbearable to extremely easy. Thanks to the glitches in Creative mode, loopers can earn millions of XP in minutes.

This truly wasn't the case in Chapter 1 Season 2. The Black Knight skin was available at tier 70 of the Battle Pass, and players still weren't able to unlock it.

Owners of Black Knight can proudly claim that they were 'sweaty' enough to grab this outfit in 2017.


4) Double Helix

Double Helix is the rarest skin in Fortnite because it never arrived in the Item Shop or the Battle Pass. Players who bought the limited-edition Nintendo Switch console received this skin as an additional reward. This makes Double Helix one of the most expensive cosmetic items in history.

Another reason why owning Double Helix is an accomplishment is because Nintendo Switch is arguably one of the worst devices to play the Battle Royale game.


Players who've invested in this skin and the console can brag about their unmatched dedication towards collecting cosmetics.

5) The Reaper

The Reaper was added to Fortnite before the John Wick skin. Epic Games might deny it, but everyone knows that The Reaper is entirely based on the popular Hollywood character.

Players could unlock The Reaper from the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. Just like Black Knight, they struggled to get The Reaper that was a tier 100 reward.

Many players in the community might feel good about owning the John Wick skin, but only a few can flex the 'original' John Wick in Fortnite.


6) Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider on a list of rare Fortnite cosmetics should never be a surprise. Epic Games might release several reskins like Skeletara, but that just results in the OG skin getting more attention.

Renegade Raider is a Battle Pass cosmetic from Chapter 1 Season 1, and it will never return to the Item Shop. Hence, it will enjoy the rarity status forever.


7) Galaxy

Like Double Helix, Galaxy is a device exclusive skin that was available to the owners of a Samsung Galaxy device that costed up to $1000.

Interestingly, many players tried going to Samsung stores and logging in to the demo units to get the Galaxy skin but Epic Games took action against them. Hence, veterans who own a Galaxy skin can feel proud to have one of the rarest and most expensive outfits ever.


8) OG Ghoul Trooper

The Zombie-style Ghoul Trooper was bought by countless players and that is the closest they'll ever get to owning the OG pink style. When Epic Games brought back the skin for Fortnitemares, it rewarded the veterans with the pink style.

The pink-style Ghoul Trooper skin is more sought after than the Black Knight, The Reaper, Renegade Raider, and any other Battle Pass/Item Shop cosmetic on this list.


9) Omega

Omega was a Battle Pass skin in Chapter 1 Season 4. After completing the entire Battle Pass, loopers unlocked Omega Challenges that granted extra armor pieces for the character.

To fully upgrade Omega, players had to accumulate 403,300 XP. This might sound like a piece of cake in Chapter 3, but was close to impossible in Chapter 1 Season 4.

A fully upgraded Omega skin will always remain one of the biggest triumphs in Fortnite.


10) Crowned Victory Royales

Crowned Victory Royales were introduced in Chapter 3, and it is no surprise that players love to brag about them.

Crowned Victory Royales are different from a standard Victory Royale, as the former is granted only when the winner has a Victory Crown in their inventory.


In Chapter 3 Season 1, some players have already collected over 1000 Crowned Victory Royales and can flex it with the Crowning Achievement emote.

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