5 rarest pickaxes in Fortnite as of 2022

Armature pickaxe (Image via Epic Games)
Armature pickaxe (Image via Epic Games)
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Many Fortnite players pay close attention to skins that become rare. There are largely two reasons to do this. First, to know if a skin they have is rare or getting rare. Second, they may be keeping an eye on a skin they particularly like and want to buy it once it returns to the Item Shop.

There's even less attention paid to rare emotes, rare gliders, rare back blings and rare pickaxes. These aren't as cool and generally, nobody is going to notice if a player they fight in-game has a rare pickaxe or not.

Still, pickaxes can be quite rare, sometimes being gone for longer than even the rarest skins. Here are a few examples of that.

5 of the rarest pickaxes Fortnite players can have

5) Empire Axe

THE NEW FEATURED LOOT IN STORE! THAT EMPIRE AXE THOUGH!!!!! #Fortnite #FNBR #TeamDescend #FortniteBattleRoyale

Empire Axe is one of the rarest cosmetics available. Players who purchased the weapon during its brief stay in the Item Shop can pat themselves on the back. They have one of the most uncommon pickaxes of all. It hasn't been seen in just under 1,150 days and there's no telling if or when it'll return.

4) Armature

Tech Ops Skin w/ Armature Pickaxe & Coaxial Copter Glider[Tech Ops Set]

Much like the Empire Axe, Armature has been absent from the shop for a long time. It was last seen on the day before Empire Axe on February 27, 2019. There's probably not a huge push for it to return so players who have it can rest assured that it'll probably stay rare for while.

It only debuted about six weeks prior to its last appearance, so it wasn't an option for long.

3) Tooth Pick

Tooth Pick axe (Image via Fortnite Skins)
Tooth Pick axe (Image via Fortnite Skins)

Tooth Pick hasn't been seen in 1,171 days, which rivals the longest absence of almost anything in Fortnite. It's also a bit rare because it's not a beloved design.

A lot of players probably passed on it for this reason, but now it's one of the rarest items in the entire game.

2) Turbine

Turbine pickaxe (Image via Epic Games)
Turbine pickaxe (Image via Epic Games)

Turbine hasn't been seen in over 1,200 days. This is an all-time break and possibly suggests that the harvesting tool will not be returning. Anything that has been in the shop can come back, but that doesn't mean it will. That's unfortunate because it's a really solid pickaxe.

1) Drumbeat

The Drumbeat is the only pickaxe currently not seen for more than 1000+ days. Been in the shop only 2 times.Last seen 1020 days ago.#FNPEDIA

The longest absence, however, goes to Drumbeat. This pickaxe hasn't been seen by anybody in 1,235 days, longer than almost any item period. It was in the Item Shop three times between its debut and last appearance. Not many Fortnite players even knew it was available, let alone pick it up for themselves.

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