8 Fortnite easter eggs found in the Chapter 3 Season 2 map

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has multiple new Easter Eggs and players can find them on the island if they have a keen eye (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has multiple new Easter Eggs and players can find them on the island if they have a keen eye (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite battle royale recently received an update and multiple changes were made to the island. While the obvious ones got all the attention, a few changes may have flown under the loopers' radars.

Chapter 3 Season 2 is centered around the battle between the Seven and the Imagined Order led by Dr. Slone. As the fight for the island continues, players will come across multiple map changes that fit the ongoing lore in Chapter 3.

Easter eggs are not new to the game, and players who have a keen eye, and enough curiosity will often come across multiple fun additions that are more than meets the eye.

Fortnite players can check out some of the Easter Eggs listed below the next time they are on the island with their friends.

New Easter eggs on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 map

All the Easter eggs mentioned in the list below can be found on the Chapter 3 Season 2 map but might not be available until after the next update.

1) All-out war at The Daily Bugle

Players who drop down on the fan-favorite POI will notice AI bots from the IO and Seven fighting it out for the control of the region. The fight takes place in three rounds and ends with a boss fight.

Furthermore, loopers can participate in this fight but can only fight on behalf of the Resistance. The bots also emote after the end of the fight.

2) Ruins of the IO

Fortnite players will notice plumes of smoke in some parts of the map, and if they go close enough, there will be IO equipment or towers destroyed and abandoned.

This is a sign that the Resistance is fighting back. More such ruins can be expected as the fight between the two factions progresses across the island.

3) Return of the Rock family

During the first week of the new season, players noticed strange rock formations growing off the ground. The Rock family from Chapter 1 was finally revealed this week.

The Rock Family are now free from the sand! #Fortnite

Lady Rock, Stone Man, and Kid Rock from Chapter 1 are all back as part of the new season. Fortnite players will also spot a little Stone Dog with the family, and it is a picture of harmony.

4) Crash Site Easter Eggs

Fortnite has paid tribute to a few players from the community who have uniquely sacrificed their lives in-game. A grave site with half a car underground is paying tribute to Rust9K and his teammate, a duo who decided to rift with their car and ended up a few feet underground.

The second gravesite is near the Rock Family, paying tribute to Jaqraz, a player who tried to navigate around the island using a tire glitch. However, he ended up eliminating himself after traversing a huge chunk of the island.

5) Return of the Shrinking Bear

The shrinking bear on a chair from Chapter 2 is now back on the island and is hidden inside a shrub.


In Chapter 2, a similar teddy on a chair was spotted that kept shrinking with every update. Loopers can expect this teddy to do something unusual once again, but it's currently too tiny for players to even notice.

6) Containers on Impossible Rock

The Impossible Rock wowed a lot of players at the beginning of the chapter, but it is now being loaded with containers. Following the first container, a new one was added this week.

Impossible Rock 馃彍锔廡wo shipping containers have been added on top of Impossible Rock. It seems like we might see more begin to be stacked on top each update

It might not mean anything, but it can soon turn into a piece of art as often seen on the island.

7) Return of Klombos?

Klombo's hibernating holes can be spotted on the ice in the north of the island.

SECRET Klombo sized snow mounds?! So he IS still here 馃槶 #Klombo #Fortnite #FortniteResistance #FortniteChapter3 #FortniteSeason2

While most of the community was saddened that the fan-favorite creatures were removed from the island in the new update, it seems like they are not gone but are simply resting underneath the ground. Fortnite players can expect them to be back soon.

8) The IO is late to fortify certain POIs

The Imagined Order was initially planning to put up an IO sign on Tilted Towers, and forklifts could be spotted in the region last week. However, in the new week, the position remains unchanged, and it seems like Tilted Towers is yet to be totally claimed by the forces of Dr. Slone.

#Fortnite Season 2 Map Changes [Thread]馃椇锔廡ilted Towers 馃彊锔廡he IO have now infiltrated Titled Towers taking over the territory once known to the Fortnite sweats

Is the IO delayed, or is the Seven fighting back for the fan-favorite POI? Fortnite players will have to wait to find out.

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