8 possible Fortnite collaborations lined up in 2022 (& 1 that's already confirmed)

Peacemaker (Image via Epic Games / DECU)
Peacemaker (Image via Epic Games / DECU)

Eventually, Fortnite will have nearly all major brands in their game. Epic Games has collaborated with everyone from Marvel to Balenciaga and Ferrari. There seems to be no limit to the type or amount of collaborations they can secure.

Just recently, Fortnite introduced Hawkeye and Arcane League of Legends to the list of collaborators. There are more on the way, with several unconfirmed collaborations in the works, too. Here are a few that players might get to see this year.

Potential collaborations for Fortnite in 2022

8) Five Nights at Freddie's

Five Nights at Freddie's has a loyal player base that would love to see it added to other games. The characters in the game are tall, so translating them to Fortnite wouldn't be difficult. These rumors have gained traction, and many players think it's one of the most likely collaborations of the year.

7) Among Us

Among Us might not be as popular as it once was, but an official collaboration with Fortnite would go a long way towards restoring that. Unlike the Impostors Mode, this would be official and probably introduce a skin to the game.

#Fortnite News Update: Impostors Updates"Play Impostors, inspired by Among Us from Innersloth, with a new voice chat enabled playlist! Select your preferred Role to increase your chances of getting Impostor or Agent. "

6) Morbius

Morbius was supposed to be the next big Marvel movie before another delay. It's now scheduled for April, making it possible for the next Battle Pass. The last two Sony and Marvel movie characters have been on the Battle Pass (Carnage and Spider-Man), making Morbius even more likely.

Morbius (Marvel Character) has a Solo Movie releasing April 1st! There were rumors of him coming to the game, so we could potentially see him as an Outfit in the upcoming Patches? (We still haven't seen many Spider-Man Foes other than the upcoming Green Goblin)#Fortnite

5) Lady Gaga

The Lady Gaga concert and accompanying skin have been rumored for a long time. It was initially discovered in the Epic Games v. Apple trial. 2022 is as good a time as any to host another live concert. Ariana Grande's Rift Tour was wildly successful, too.

Lady Gaga x Fortnite (Image via Mojang)
Lady Gaga x Fortnite (Image via Mojang)

4) Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez has played Fortnite in the past. Celebrities and pro players often end up with skins, so it's possible. They could also be planning another concert. Holding two in one year wouldn't be difficult and would likely bring in many players.

Lanez and SypherPK have played before (Image via Epic Games)
Lanez and SypherPK have played before (Image via Epic Games)

3) Moon Knight

Moon Knight's release date is scheduled for ten days after the next chapter is tentatively scheduled. Chapter 3 Season 1 is slated to drop on March 20, with Moon Knight coming shortly after.

That makes the Battle Pass very likely to have a Moon Knight skin in it. Spider-Man was released in the Battle Pass nearly two weeks before Spider-Man: No Way Home was released, so it's not unprecedented.

we have to get a Moon Knight collaboration with fortnite

2) Peacemaker

The Peacemaker skin was originally leaked when The Suicide Squad was released last August. Another character, Bloodsport, made his Fortnite debut, but Peacemaker had yet to arrive. With the debut of a show titled after John Cena's antihero, a skin seems incredibly likely now.

1) Back to the Future

Of all the potential collaborations this year Back to the Future seems the most likely of them. Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard tweeted a gif in the movie's font, leading many to believe collaboration is coming soon. No official word has been released yet, but it's more than likely happening.


1) Green Goblin

All prominent leakers have confirmed the Green Goblin skin. His arrival is supposed to be in the next week or so. He and probably many other Spider-Man characters are on their way.

“Can the spider-man come out to play?” Fortnite’s Green Goblin Skin Coming Soon

Green Goblin is the first of what several leakers believe will be multiple Spider-Man-related skins. Green Goblin and other friends and foes may arrive in the Item Shop in the future.

Which of these potential skins is the most exciting?

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