8 silly Fortnite emotes that are perfect for trolling your opponents

Fortnite emotes to annoy opponents (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite emotes to annoy opponents (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tryhards in Fortnite are known for mocking their opponents after winning fights. Even though the developers promote friendly relationships among players, there are several emotes that are specifically made for trolling.

Finding an emote toxic is largely based on personal preferences. While some players believe that only straightforward emotes like Take the L are offensive, others feel that even silly emotes like Spyglass can be offensive in certain situations.

With that in mind, here are eight absurd Fortnite emotes that can be used to troll others.

Fortnite emotes that players can use after winning a fight

1) Say So


Fortnite is inherently an aggressive game where players are supposed to eliminate enemies on sight. In such an environment, a dance emote like Say So definitely looks silly.

Say So is an Icon Series emote based on the song by Doja Cat. It went viral on TikTok and eventually made its way to the Item Shop.

Playing a TikTok song immediately after winning a sweaty battle seems like the perfect way to troll anyone.

2) Laugh it Up


Laugh it Up sounds as ridiculous as the emote is. The character laughs hysterically, and a donkey's bray also plays in the background.

It's no surprise that sweats have used Laugh it Up to annoy others for ages, and they'll continue to do so. This also explains why there are a plethora of compilations on social media platforms where creators use this emote intentionally to make their opponents rage quit.

3) Pon Pon (Ninja Style)


The Pon Pon emote arrived in Fortnite with Ninja's Icon Series skin. Even though millions of fans were looking forward to the release of this emote, it turned out to be quite basic and awkward. The character stands still and simply moves the upper body and arms.

Pon Pon appears to be a celebratory emote, but it is often used to make fun of someone who just lost a fight.

4) Sweaty


The name of this emote is enough to explain why it has made this list. The character pretends to wipe the sweat off their face while breathing heavily.

This emote was deliberately made to depict tryhards who want to win every fight and every game. It is perfect for casuals to use when they manage to defeat someone donning a sweaty skin like Aura, Ronin, Charlotte, or Renegade Raider, among others.

5) Take the L


Take the L, where L stands for loss, is the epitome of a toxic emote. The character dances in joy and makes the L sign in front of the forehead.

An emote based on mocking others undoubtedly seems stupid, but this is exactly what sweats crave to have in their lockers. Luckily, Take the L is an OG and rare emote that was released with the Season 3 Battle Pass. Only a handful of players own it.

6) The Wiggle


The Wiggle is another emote that has been around for several years. As the name suggests, it comprises random dance moves that aren't choreographed.

Using The Wiggle after eliminating a player creates the impression that defeating the opponent was a piece of cake. Intimidating characters like Raven look hilarious while performing The Wiggle, but this can be equally frustrating for someone who has just lost a battle.

7) Pure Salt


Pure Salt has no connection to guns, battle royale games, and especially Fortnite. It mimics a chef pouring salt.

Pure Salt is ideal for mocking someone after a fight. Naturally, the loser is always salty (slang used for irritation and anger), and pouring salt on their wound is the ultimate act of disrespect.

8) T-Pose


All the aforementioned emotes are either based on gestures or dances. In contrast, there's the T-Pose emote in which the character stands like the letter T and does nothing.

T-Pose emote in Fortnite can be used to troll downed opponents because it proves that you can literally stand and do nothing and still win the fight.

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