With 100's of collaborations, are Fortnite crossover skins starting to get overwhelming for fans?

Is Fortnite concentrating too much on collaborations? (Image via Epic Games)
Is Fortnite concentrating too much on collaborations? (Image via Epic Games)

Name something associated with pop culture, and there's likely a skin of it in Fortnite. Over the years, Epic Games has hosted hundreds of crossovers that have led to the arrival of video game characters, content creators, sports stars, movie characters, music artists, and more in its Battle Royale title.

Due to the abundance of crossovers, it is common to witness Master Chief and Kratos dancing together on the spawn island. Even meme culture recognizes this trend, and anime characters like Naruto are sarcastically called "the guy from Fortnite."

When you hear someone refer to Naruto as “the guy from Fortnite”

With that in mind, here's what the community thinks about the endless crossovers in Fortnite.

Fortnite players call Epic Games lazy for focusing on crossovers

It is evident that the quality and quantity of crossovers in Fortnite has increased significantly over the past few years. It all began with the Infinity Gauntlet LTM, and soon loopers found themselves able to attend live concerts involving big names like Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott.

However, it seems like many players are now tired of crossovers. Instead of having Tron skins in the Item Shop and Green Arrow in the Crew Pack, they want more authentic skins.

Overall it was just a disappointment for me, who thought that the fortnite crew was solely going to be just completely original skins with maybe some fan created ones yk? And also I’m not hating on Green Arrow at all, I think as a character he’s cool but the skin itself is blegh

This faction of fans believes that Epic Games has become lazy ever since crossovers became popular because it could easily make a fortune by joining forces with another entity. This is undoubtedly a picture-perfect strategy from a business perspective, but it might turn out to be disastrous in the longer run.

It's so funny how since hollywood keeps using the same 5-10 actors for every movie Fortnite can just reuse the same face models for different collaborations without even being lazy like. What else are you gonna do lol.…
@MK7803 @FortTory @InTheShadeYT @RatioFN The fact that @FortniteGame/Epic is to lazy to do anything original and relies solely on collaborations proves that the company has chosen money OVER originality
@FortniteGame @KingJames @DonaldMustard Sorry but this is kind of rediculous. Fortnite has become nothing more than a collaboration game. Zero original ideas anymore. Screw lebron, screw fortnite.. Ditch your game or come up with original ideas..stop being fucking lazy

Even after hundreds of collaborations, Dr. Slone, Midas, The Foundation, Agent Jonesy, The Origin, and Peely are some of the most popular characters among players. This is enough to prove that collaborations will never be able to replicate the impact the original skins made.

Long story short, crossovers divide the community, whereas the original skins keep the playerbase united.

I want Fortnite to balance out originality and collaborations, but it's clear to me that's just not going to happen. I respect others opinions and if you enjoy the massive amount of collaborations we get, that's great. The amount we get is far too overwhelming in my opinion.

Epic Games needs to strike the right balance between originality and crossovers

It is important to note that the Zero Point is the ultimate source of energy that not only controls Artemis (Chapter 3 island), but countless other universes as well. Hence, as per the lore, Agent Jonesy can travel to any reality he wants and bring back personalities like Batman, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and Neymar Jr., among others.


Crossovers in Fortnite appear to be inevitable at this point. They are the biggest source of revenue for the developers, and selective backlash by loopers is unlikely to change this narrative.

Crossovers always get a mixed response from the community. For instance, DC fans were enraged over the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, and Marvel fans were equally furious when DC announced its comic series based on Zero Point.

However, as long as the developers are able to please a certain section of fans, they won't stop with the crossovers.

It's complicated how I feel about new Fortnite cosmetics. I enjoy the collaborations we've been getting so rapidly, but I worry that it's going to burn out the playerbase. I want to see more original skins come to the game. If it's tough to make original skins, buy more concepts.

This is not to say that Epic Games should stop releasing crossovers altogether. However, it will be easier for players to embrace crossovers if they're limited to the Item Shop.

Getting a Dr. Strange or Spider-Man skin through the Battle Pass is not something the majority of players desire, and it is high time the developers prioritized the interests of the community and gave them what they wanted.

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