Batman/Fortnite Zero Point issue #4 cover reveals DC villain Deathstroke will be in the comic book series 

{Image via Sportskeeda}
{Image via Sportskeeda}

While the Batman/Fortnite crossover has yet to hit the in-game battlefield, the comic book series featuring icons of the DC Universe has revealed that Deathstroke will be seen in the next issue.

Batman/Fortnite Zero Point issue #4 to involve DC villain Deathstroke

While speculation that Deathstroke would be coming to the Batman/Fortnite comics has been around for quite some time, the rumors were recently confirmed via a leak of the newest comic's cover.

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Deathstroke, the original inspiration behind the comedic Deadpool and thus not to be confused with, is a DC villain who is known for his skills as a mercenary.

Due to his confirmed appearance in the Batman/Fortnite crossover comics, fans within the Fortnite community are now assuming that Deathstroke will soon be featured as an in-game character skin. They may be justified in doing so, as Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has been full of rumors surrounding DC features in-game.

With the Zero Point being stabilized temporarily due to The Foundation being trapped inside of it, and players now looking for all of the Jonesy NPCs as prompted by The Foundation's recent message. Anything is possible.

Should any of the Jonseys know what is going on or how to help loopers free The Foundation from the top of the Spire, it is entirely possible that hunters from previous Seasons, such as Batman, might return alongside new skilled fighters such as Deathstroke.

Considering that the most recent issue of the Fortnite/Batman comics features Snakeyes from the G. I. Joe universe, truly any popular villain has the possibility of showing up. Issue #3 of the series also features Catwoman alongside Batman, as they attempt to escape the loop. Issue #4 of the series is set to be released on June 1st of this year, with issue #5 set for June 15th and issue #6 for July 6th.

Although the Batman/Fortnite comics are currently running a storyline parallel to that of Season 6 in-game, it is possible that time is drawing closer for the two realities to merge together. Perhaps resolve will be found for the Batman/Fortnite comics in aiding loopers to free The Foundation in-game.

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