Do female skins have a smaller hitbox in Fortnite?

Find out if female skins in Fortnite have lower hitboxes than male skins in the game (Image via Epic Games)
Find out if female skins in Fortnite have lower hitboxes than male skins in the game (Image via Epic Games)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

The Fortnite community appreciates the cosmetics and the creativity behind each design, which is what drives the desire to purchase these items. Epic Games has also proven to be well-versed in collaborations, and often introduces the biggest pop culture icons, fictitious or otherwise, in the game.

However, at the end of the day, Fortnite Battle Royale is a competitive game and players will do everything they can to gain advantage over other players in the lobby on a quest to survive till the very end. While practice and skill drive the players' chances in a match, the kind of skin equipped also tells a lot about the player.

Often, players opt for female skins because they are leaner, and the popular myth suggests that lean skins have lower histboxes than bulky ones. However, there is little truth behind this claim.

Female skins in Fortnite do not offer any tactical advantage


Fortnite majorly banks on its community purchasing skins and cosmetics in the game. Since the game is free-to-play, its revenue model greatly shapes up from the sales in the Item Shop.

All outfits in the game, regardless of gender, have the exact same hitbox count and Epic Games has developed them to allow players to use every skin of their choice in matches.

Therefore, if players are not using bulky skins in the game, they are really missing out on the variety possible and should definitely try some of the choices out. Players have, however, often complained that hitboxes sometimes do not make any sense in the game. There were instances of a character's health getting depleted even though the enemy's crosshair was not focused on the body of the player.

fortnite hitbox's btw, like and rt to show this bullshit

There are also instances of shotgun ammo hitting every hitbox from long range, even though the bullet spread is expected to be quite high.

However, these are mostly bugs and have nothing to do with the outfit's hitboxes. However, pros often tend to use female skins nonetheless and that is to gain a visual advantage over bulky skins. Skins that look considerable in size can be spotted easily compared to leaner skins, but they will take the same damage when shot at by the enemy.

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