Do some Fortnite skins give less input delay and more FPS?

Fortnite skins that decrease the input delay and give more FPS (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite skins that decrease the input delay and give more FPS (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a fast-paced multiplayer game like Fortnite, input delay and FPS play an important role in deciding the winner. Casual players might not care about such minute details, but professional players cannot afford to compromise on better FPS.

It is no surprise that cosmetics directly affect elements like input delay and FPS. Skins and wraps with many reactive features or colors increase the delay and decrease the frame rate. In contrast, bland skins are highly recommended for smooth gameplay.

Best Fortnite skins that give less input delay and maximum FPS

Now that it's clear that plain and simple skins are the most effective in improving the gameplay, here are some skins that are claimed to give less input delay and maximum FPS:

  • Pitstop
  • Mogo Master
  • Soccer skins
  • Frozen Knight
  • Maniac

One thing common in all these skins is their basic design. They have no additional reactive features or animations.

As a result, the game only focuses on the character's movements and actions when players use these skins.

In contrast, reactive wraps or outfits like Slurp, Midas, Jules, and others increase the input delay and decrease the FPS. This happens because the game is expected to focus on the movement of players and run the reactive animations together.

If you want less input delay in fortnite, don't use animated cosmetics, skins, pickaxes, gun camo, animated gliders...There is no specific cosmetics, just use normal ones with no animation, salina & gl in your FNCS 😁

This explains why skins like Maniac, Pitstop, and Mogo Master are primarily donned by tryhards who do not wish to lose even a fraction of the frame rate.

whenever I see someone say this "cosmetic" in fortnite gives less input delay/makes you faster, I lose brain cells.

Changing skins to decrease input delay might not impact casual gameplay, but it is a common strategy among pros who compete at the highest levels.

Other ways to decrease input delay and increase FPS

Players who do not own the aforementioned sweaty skins must not be disappointed as there are other ways to improve the frame rate in Fortnite.

The first step is to enable performance mode and turn off all unnecessary display settings. After that, players can follow these steps to boost the frame rate even more:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and type %temp%.
  2. Go back from the temp folder to Local. Then head to Local > FortniteGame > Saved > Config >WindowsClient.
  3. Open GameUserSettings file. Make sure to open the Properties of the file and confirm that the Read-Only settings in Attributes are unchecked.
  4. Change bMotionBlur and bShowGrass to False if they're marked as true.
  5. Change bDisableMouseAcceleration to False
  6. Change ResolutionSizeX to 1656

With such small yet valuable measures, players can expect decent FPS and lesser input delay even if they do not own the best devices.

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