Dragons in Fortnite could soon become a reality, reveal new leaks

Data miners believe dragons are coming to Fortnite sometime soon. Image via Sportskeeda
Data miners believe dragons are coming to Fortnite sometime soon. Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 02 May 2021

No one ever thought that dinosaurs would turn out to be in Fortnite. Now recent information suggests that dragons may arrive in the game sometime soon. Data miners discovered some completed text associated with a quest from next week that mentions dragons.

Whenever Epic Games mentions something good, leaks foreshadow its arrival in some way. Although dragons in the game are just a leak, the community has begun speculating about the origin of these creatures and their position in the lore.

When are dragons coming to Fortnite?

Dragons don't have a specific date at this point. There's only one mention of them in the complete text, as notified by a data miner called Fort Troy. Having said that, the community believes that this text is hinting at an upcoming collaboration with the "How To Train Your Dragon" franchise.

Fans even pointed out that "How To Train Your Dragon" was mentioned in one of the Epic Games surveys recently.

Since there's a rumor about the next season having a medieval theme in Fortnite, some fans have gone on to say that dragons would feel right at home in the game and would fit well with the theme too.

Fans have also theorized that time is progressing from the primal age to the medieval age, given the fact that a good number of knight skins are en route.

Another fan stated that it could hint at a possible "Lord of The Rings" collaboration. Although this idea is very far-fetched, it does sound like fun. However, the idea of "Lord of The Rings" characters coming to Fortnite may not sit well with fans of the series.

The "How To Train Your Dragon" series has a fair amount of fan following. It sits well with young adults who happen to form a major consumer base for Fortnite as well.

For now, the community has to mull over this potential leak. If the dragons are indeed coming to Fortnite, there will be more evidence pointing towards them in the upcoming days.

Published 02 May 2021
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