Fortnite leaks following the v16.40 update: Season end event, New Location, Cat Woman, and more

Fortnite leaks have revealed new POI and Catwoman Skin (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite leaks have revealed new POI and Catwoman Skin (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite leaks have revealed a new POI being added to the Fortnite map following the v16.40 update. Popular data miner Hypex broke the internet with leaks of the new POI following the rollout of the v16.40 update.

Loopers were informed that Fortnite will get the v16.40 update, leaving players and fans wondering what awaits them following the update.

Fortnite leaks from data miners have revealed that apart from the new POI, players will get Catwoman cosmetics as well. Another large encrypted file awaits players, however, its identity and purpose haven’t been revealed.

Let's take a look at the identity of the new POI and the availability of the Catwoman skin.

Fortnite leaks: Fortnite leaked skins, new POI and other news

Fortnite leaks have indicated that players will get to see a lot of new items and cosmetics once the downtime is over. The v16.40 was rolled out on May 11 and it promised gamers that the existing issues in Fortnite will be fixed.

Fortnite leaks from various data miners have revealed significant information regarding the addition of a new POI on the Fortnite map.

Located just below the Flush Factory, the island was leaked as the new POI on the map. Following the Fortnite leaks, players and fans were left waiting for answers as to what was in the new POI.

Fortnite fans anticipate the new POI to be the location for the Batcave. However, further Fortnite leaks suggest that the island is actually the Oro’s Island, therefore, it has been added as a new POI in Fortnite. The new POI was mentioned in the Fortnite leaks as Island Ruins.

Apart from the new POI on the map, Fortnite leaks also revealed a new Catwoman avatar to be introduced following the v16.40 update. The leaked Fortnite skin has been teased by data miners and loopers are wondering if it will be available in stores or will there be an event or a Catwoman Bundle associated with it.

The speculation of an in-game event has been fuelled after Fortnite leaks indicated a compressed 100 MB file in the game files. Popular data miner Hypex took to Twitter to reveal the availability of this encrypted data file.

These kinds of files contain either an event or a big set for the map. With the Fortnite map getting an upgrade, it is anticipated that the file could be a big set which players will be able to see once the downtime gets over. However, players are hoping that this file will turn into an in-game event that will mark the end of Season 6.

Fortnite leaks have revealed that the v16.40 update is packed with a lot of in-game activities and new cosmetics to look forward to. The addition of the new POI and the Catwoman skin are only part of the bigger picture. Players will be able to explore the upgraded version once the downtime gets over.

Fortnite Week 9 challenge will also be revealed today. Following the massive revelations, it is anticipated the weekly challenges will be exciting and give ample opportunities to players to grind huge amounts of XP.

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