Fortnite Alien Artifacts (Week 1 to 10): All artifacts in Chapter 2 Season 7 so far

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Brandon Moore

Fortnite Season 7 is getting closer and closer to the end, but there are still plenty of Alien Artifacts to obtain.

As Aliens appeared in the sky, the landscape of the Fortnite battle royale was changed once again. Abductions, strange markings, and more took over the iconic island.

Season 7 introduced these Alien Artifacts as collectible pieces. New ones have been found each week and used to customize a skin in the Battle Pass. So far, there have been 10 weeks of Fortnite Alien Artifacts.

All Fortnite Alien Artifacts in Chapter 2 Season 7 so far

Image via u/mrquackerswastaken on Reddit
Image via u/mrquackerswastaken on Reddit

A Reddit user by the name of mrquackerswastaken put together the above map. It showcases every pinpointed location of Alien Artifacts in Fortnite. The map even has color-coded locations.

Per the post, red indicators are everything from Week 1 to Week 6. Week 7 is blue. Week 8 is white. Week 9 is Pink. Week 10 is Black. There is an extra Artifact, as well, labeled yellow.

Here are all of the locations of Fortnite Alien Artifacts from Week 1 to Week 10:

  • Week 1: Catty Corner, Zero Point, Weeping Woods, Believer Beach, Corny Complex
  • Week 2: Corny Complex, Pleasant Park, Believer Beach, Retail Row, Misty Meadows
  • Week 3: Craggy Cliffs, Coral Castle, Slurpy Swamp, Boney Burbs
  • Week 4: Lockie's Lighthouse, Pleasant Park, Believer Beach, Weeping Woods
  • Week 5: Craggy Cliffs, Pleasant Park, Believer Beach, Retail Row, Misty Meadows
  • Week 6: Lockie's Lighthouse, Corny Complex, Between Dirty Docks and Steamy Stacks, Mountain East of Catty Corner, Isla Nublada
  • Week 7: Southwest Beach from Holly Hatchery, Stealthy Stronghold, FN Radio, Gorgeous Gorge, Camp Cod, Dampy Dish
  • Week 8: Northwest of Corny Complex, West of Boney Burbs, Satellite Station West of Dirty Docks, East of Slurpy Swamp, East of Misty Meadows, and South of the Bridge
  • Week 9: Northwest Island from Craggy Cliffs, Gas 'n' Grub South of Corny Complex, IO Satellite Station East of Weeping Woods, Guardian Tower in Weeping Woods, Islands West of Believer Beach
  • Week 10: Southeast of Weeping Woods, IO Satellite Station Southeast of Misty Meadows, South of Catty Corner, Ruined Base North of Coral Castle, West of Slurpy Swamp

For a more exact location, take a look at the above map markers or view these videos. YouTuber EveryDay FN put together a video showcasing all Fortnite Alien Artifacts from Week 1 to Week 9.

Those looking for a visual guide for Week 10's Alien Artifacts will find the video from YouTuber HarryNinetyFour helpful. It is a quick video showing off all Week 10 locations.

Be sure to find all of these Fortnite Alien Artifacts as Chapter 2, Season 7, continues. Use them by customizing the Kymera skin to your liking before more are placed on the island to collect.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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