Fortnite artist brings Ariana Grande skin concept to life

A Fortnite concept artist makes a cosmetic art for Ariana Grande. (Image Credit: D3NNI/Twitter)
A Fortnite concept artist makes a cosmetic art for Ariana Grande. (Image Credit: D3NNI/Twitter)

Fortnite has made collaboration with well-known musicians and artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott in the past which has led to mind-bending in-game concert, many of which broke the record of concurrent viewers on the internet.

Apart from the musical concerts, these artists also get their in-game cosmetic skins that could be purchased by players and fans to keep as a souvenir after the event comes to an end. The arrangement has allowed both Fortnite and the individual artist to make millions in return, which is another reason why players can expect more collaborations in the future.

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Shortly after the success these in-game events garnered, Fortnite introduced their 'Party Royale' mode which sets up the stage for future collaborations with upcoming musical artists as well.

A few months back, Ariana Grande was rumoured to be the upcoming star set to perform on the virutal stage of Fortnite. However, there hasn't been any official confirmation from Epic Games yet.

Fortnite concept artist makes a cosmetic art for Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a famous American singer, songwriter and actress. She has millions of followers on her social media accounts has been one of the most sought after personalities in the industry. Additionally, she is a youth icon and continues to excel in the music industry.

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'D3NNI' a Fortnite concept art maker, designed a very realistic in-game cosmetic for Ariana Grande and uploaded it on their Twitter account which quickly became a hit among the Fortnite community.

D3NNI made two styles for the cosmetic: Light and Dark, along with two backblings as well. The artist also incorporated a feature where Ariana's ponytail grows longer after every elimination that the player achieves in the game. D3NNI revealed that the original face of the initial cosmetic was based on Jule 'The Engineer'.

Concept Arts like these always push the boundaries of imagination and makes the player base wonder what cosmetics might make their way into the game. Given how Fortnite has been actively collaborating with artists, it may not be far-fetched to imagine Ariana Grande making her debut in the near future.

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