Fortnite Bios Zone Wars Code: Map Code, How to play, and other details

Fortnite Bios Zone Wars LTM has been recently released (Image via FNAssist/Twitter)
Fortnite Bios Zone Wars LTM has been recently released (Image via FNAssist/Twitter)
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Epic recently revealed a brand new Creative LTM for gamers in Fortnite. The Bios Zone War Creative LTM Mode will feature exclusive rewards that gamers can claim after performing certain actions in the game.

Creative LTMs are one of the most popular modes in Fortnite. Gamers often enter LTM to break away from the same old Battle Royale mode and show their creativity.

The news of the Bios Zone War broke the internet, and gamers are eager to learn more about the LTM. This article will reveal the details of the upcoming Bios Zone Wars Creative mode in Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative LTM: Bios Zone Wars gives significant XP to loopers

Fortnite Bios Zone Wars is the most recent LTM to be added to the game. Accessing this mode is a bit tricky and gamers need to follow some simple steps to launch the mode.

Gamers are advised to follow the following steps to successfully launch Bios Zone Wars:

  • Step 1- Select the 'Creative' option in the game selection menu after launching Fortnite.
  • Step 2- Click "Change" to access the "Creative" menu.
  • Step 3- Press "Play"
  • Step 4- Select the "Island Code" and press "enter".
  • Step 5- Type the specific code required and press "Launch" to start the game.

Gamers will require a specific map code in order to access the customized map for the Bios Zone Wars creative mode.

Code to enter the Bios Zone Wars - 6221-6630-0608


Bios Zone Wars LTM is only available in Trios mode. Gamers can also access the mode directly from Fortnite's loading screen.

Data miners have revealed that gamers will be able to complete certain Cosmic Summer Quests by performing certain actions in the Bios Zone Wars LTM.

As of now, gamers can only get hold of only four challenges and quests that have been unlocked. Completing these quests will fetch a significant amount of XP, and gamers can rank up faster to unlock different tiers of the Battle Pass.

The challenges and rewards are noted below:

  • Deal damage to players in Bio's Zone Wars (0/1000) - 20000 XP
  • Get headshot eliminations in Bio's Zone Wars (0/10) - 20000 XP
  • Gain Health or Apply Shields in Bio's Zone Wars trio (0/500) - 30000 XP
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in Bio's Zone Wars tri (0/50) - 35000 XP

Gamers can earn a total of 105,000 XP by completing four simple challenges. As mentioned by the data miners, more challenges will be unlocked every day for the next 9 days. Therefore, gamers have a wonderful opportunity to grind massive amounts of XP and level up in the Battle Pass.

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