Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Changes player need in the new season

Changes gamers need in Fortnite Season 7 (Image via Twitter)
Changes gamers need in Fortnite Season 7 (Image via Twitter)

Aliens, crop circles, and UFO abductions have already excited loopers for Fortnite Season 7. Epic is hours away from launching the v17.00 update that will launch this new season.

Loopers expect a lot of changes to be implemented in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Several data miners have already leaked some of these changes. However, there are a few changes loopers need in the new season.

This article will reveal the details of the changes that are needed in Season 7.

Reworks loopers want to see in Fortnite Season 7

1) Snipers

Fortnite Season 6 had a Primal theme and Epic rolled out Primal weapons for the season. However, with the introduction of the Alien theme, the Primal weapons will be vaulted.

Loopers expect the developers to unvault certain weapons for Season 7, particularly snipers.

2) New Vehicle

In Fortnite Season 5, gamers rotated through sand tunneling, while in Season 6, loopers used Spire boost pads. Therefore, loopers expect a new mode of rotating will be introduced in the the game.

Gamers want Epic to introduce a new vehicle and have also expressed their desire to drive UFOs. The Crew Pack loading screen teased an unreleased hover bike that garnered significant attention.

Gamers hope that this technologically advanced bike is added into Fortnite Season 7.

3) Original secret skin

Fortnite Season 6 was frustrating for gamers due to the secret skin. Gamers were looking forward to the original secret skin. However, the developers revealed that the Neymar Jr. skin was the secret skin for the season.

Gamers hope that Season 7 Battle Pass will bring an original secret skin to the game.

4) Launchpads

Launchpads are classic Fortnite elements that are absolutely loved by loopers. Epic has often disappointed gamers by vaulting them for a long time.

Even in Season 6, gamers missed out on the opportunity to use the launchpads to rotate across the island. Gamers want the launchpads to be unvaulted in Season 7.

5) Vaults

Vaults assured gamers of guaranteed good loot in Fortnite, which is why loopers were eager to look for them.

Season 6 offered Bunker chests that spawned randomly across the island and were pretty difficult to come across. Therefore, gamers wish to have the Vaults back in the game with Season 7.

6) Weapon attatchements

Gamers hope that Season 7 brings the option to customize weapons as well. Loopers have expressed their desire to get hold of items to add to the guns and make them even more effective.

7) Concerts

Travis Scott and Marshmello literally set Fortnite on fire with their concert events. However, gamers have missed online concerts for a long time.

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga were expected to perform, but the collaboration events never took place. Gamers are hopeful that Fortnite Season 7 will have at least one online concert event.

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