Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Milestones: Full list of all 8 Accolades

Players can complete new accolades in-game after today's Fortnite update (Image via Epic Games)
Players can complete new accolades in-game after today's Fortnite update (Image via Epic Games)

A few hours ago, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 came to a close with an amazing live event. With the game currently updating to the new season, leaks are already emerging, displaying what the community will get to experience in the new season.

Ballers and new weapons aside, a few new milestones were also added to the game. These milestones are also known as accolades. For the uninitiated, these accolades are nothing but achievements that players can unlock after completing certain activities in the game. Here are all the new accolades in Chapter 3 Season 3.

How to complete all the new accolades in Fortnite


Players can complete each and every accolade over the course of multiple matches, and these accolades range from using sprays to breaking stones in the game.

Here are all eight new accolades that players can complete in Chapter 3 Season 3:

1) Stoked Campfire

Players can complete this accolade by stoking campfires all around the map. Since the Fortnite servers are still down, it's impossible to pinpoint the location of every campfire on the map.

However, these campfires are available in abundance and can be spotted pretty easily. Players will need to have wood on them if they want to stoke a campfire successfully. Although the exact number of stokes is still unknown, players will have to do this activity at least ten times in order to complete this accolade.

2) Searched Coolers

Coolers are tiny little boxes that are spotted all over the island. These coolers usually contain fish and in some rare cases, small slurp jars as well. To search it, Players can approach a cooler and interact with it just like they would interact with any other object.

Once again, the exact number of searches is still unknown, but players will have to search at least ten coolers before they can unlock this accolade.

3) Searched Cash Register

New Match Accolades:- Stoked Campfire- Searched Cooler- Searched Cash Register- Searched Tool Box- Picked Weeds- Picked Fruits- Spray 10 Times- Spray 20 Times

Cash registers can usually be found inside shops and stores in Fortnite. Like coolers, cash registers can be searched by approaching them and interacting with them. However, these cash registers are special.

Instead of dropping consumables and loot, these cash registers drop gold bars. These gold bars can be used as currency to upgrade and purchase weapons from NPCs around the island.

4) Searched Tool Box

Tool boxes were available in abundance during the previous seasons in Fortnite. That said, searching tool boxes is as simple as searching a cash register or a cooler. These tool boxes usually drop ammo and crafting resources if crafting is available during the season.

5) Picked weeds

This new accolade is all set to go live after the Fortnite update today. This accolade will task players with picking weeds that could be growing all over the map or in specific locations on the map.

Picking these weeds shouldn't be that difficult, and if Epic Games stays true to all the interaction mechanics in the game, then players will just need to interact with these weeds in order to pick them.

6) Picked fruits

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Picking fruit is similar to picking weeds in the game. However, fruits have always grown at a few specific locations in Fortnite. Hopefully, this will be the same after the Fortnite update today. To pick fruit, all players will have to do is interact with the trees and plants on which these fruits grow.

7) Spray 10 times

Using a spray in Fortnite is as easy as emoting in the game. To use a spray, players will have to equip it in their emote wheel from their locker. Once they've done that, players will need to bring up the emote wheel in-game and select the spray to use it on a surface. Using a spray ten times will help players earn this accolade.

8) Spray 20 times

An extension of the previous accolade, this accolade can be earned by using a spray on any surface 20 times.

These are the new accolades that players can earn in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Completing these accolades can also earn players some XP. Although the XP gain from these accolades is minuscule, it does help in the long run.

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