Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 trailer breakdown: Ballers return with throwable lightsabers, new POIs, and more

The latest season brings the party back to the island alongside exciting new additions (Image via Epic Games)
The latest season brings the party back to the island alongside exciting new additions (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, which left fans to speculate about the following season for the next 12 hours. Last night, loopers teamed up with Paradigm to ride the Mecha and destroy the IO's collider to prevent the island from being destroyed.

As a result, Zero Point was submerged in water. Jones (henceforth known as The Legend) and The Foundation jumped inside it to hunt down Geno, the villain of the Imagined Order. Fans waited for a conclusion to the storyline but instead received another season filled with summer-themed cosmetics, an island full of color, and brand new POIs.

NEW MYTHIC? Darth Vader used his "Force Choke" in the gameplay trailer!Also, Lightsabers seem to be unvaulted!

However, the name of Chapter 3 Season 3, has been kept VIBIN', which means to chill, relax and enjoy the summer.

Last season was for the loopers, where they had to battle the Imagined Order with Combat Heavy Vehicles and Heavy Weaponry. This season seems relatively peaceful, but with a Sith Lord roaming around the island.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 trailer showcases a ton of new additions and reprisals of fan-favorite items


The brand new cinematic trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 sets a summer tone for the entire season that will last four months until October 2022. The trailer showcased several new POIs and added plenty of colors back to the island lacking in Chapter 2 Season 2.

Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 3 Gameplay Trailer Screenshots#Fortnite #FortniteVibin #FortniteLeaks

Starting with the island, it looks identical to the Chapter 2 Season 3 island with the Splash theme, where the entire island was drenched in the water alongside boats. This time around, loopers can also ride those boats using fishing rods like they used to ride a shark back in the day.

In addition to these features, the island will also introduce players to a brand new POI called the Reality Tree, which might be a fragment of the Zero Point. The Reality Tree is a huge tree where loopers can climb, hide, and witness Zero Point's power submerged underwater.

Another new POI that can be seen on the map is the new Amusement Park hidden inside the head of a Cuddle Team Leader. Surrounding the amusement park are Rollercoaster rails and bring back Slipstreams that were added back in the day in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 9.


On the rollercoaster rails, loopers can look forward to riding ballers added back to the game after their much-awaited arrival in Fortnite Chapter 3 when the Spider-Man Web shooter Mythic got vaulted.

However, it seems like a new Grappling Hook has been added to the game, which will allow loopers to grapple walls or climb to a greater height, just like the Spider-Man web shooter mythic.

Based on the gameplay trailer it appears Darth Vaders lightsaber will be a mythic this season that you can actually throw at enemies!

However, another exciting addition this Fortnite season will be the new Lightsaber Mechanics, which will allow the user to deflect or block incoming fire and be throwable towards other loopers to inflict heavy damage.

Also in the works is a secret force ability mythic that might also be added to the game that can only be used by Darth Vader, which will allow the looper to wield it to either pull or push their opponents using the force.

Better look at this season's antagonist!(Thanks to @timelessorder for making me aware of this!)

Players routinely keep uncovering new information from Easter eggs in the trailers. A mysterious figure appears at the end of the Fortnite cinematic trailer, who might be the key to preserving Zero Point. As loopers continue to bounce theories for the new season, the downtime will end in a few hours, and the island will be open for business.

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